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Hey, Boo Boo!

We had an unexpected visitor last night who made himself quite at home, got himself something to munch on, admired the view and promptly ensured that Tim would have to clean up the yard:









We called Division of Wildlife, as we knew they were looking for a certain cub who could not survive without its mother. Two officers came out (and yes, since I knew they were coming this time, I got dressed. Geez). and thought this one was older, likely about a year, so they just let it be.

You all know how I loathe camping and the out of doors. I consider myself the Boulder Anti-Christ for that reason. As I've said before, I have nothing against nature - I just prefer it through a window. I mean, between seeing fox, more fox, raccoons, a mountain lion and bears in my backyard - in the city limits - do I really need to go outside? Well, OK. There is the whole getting the mail thing. Although with all these critters around, that may well be on hold for awhile, too.

On a more serious note: Any Boulderites heard if the Four Mile Canyon Fire means wildlife is doing their own "mandatory evacuation" into town?

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So cute! I love wildlife, so I would've had fun with it. Was it the cub they've been looking for? (I really wanted to ask if it was the droid they've been looking for...)

No, it wasn't. This one was about a year, vs a few months old.

He's cute! Looks like my mother-in-law if he dyed his hair red.

What'll ya give me not to send this link to her? (Well, OK. I'd have to do a lot of googling first, but still...)


Little guy is looking for a picnic basket. Just ask Mr. Ranger.

Brings back memories, Jack.

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