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Lion (Not Tigers or Bears, but still - Oh, My!)

I saw a mountain lion in our backyard last night.

I wish I had taken a picture, but I was too busy slamming the door shut (only the screen was closed). I was lion (sorry, couldn't resist) in bed with my laptop (yeah, I know, what else is new?) and something caught my eye through the window. It was only 6:30pm, so still light out. I figured it was one of the foxes (and yes, more pictures are forthcoming soon) but... no.

We live adjacent to open space, and the beast apparently jumped the fence and sauntered on over into our yard. I leapt out of bed (yeah - the fastest I've moved in quite a while. What do you want from me?) to close the door, because the lion was only about 10 feet from it. The motion/noise startled the thing and it ran off.

I called 911 to ask if I should report this somewhere. The operator took the report, and sent two officers out to the house. I didn't know they were coming or I would have (not baked a cake! Geez!) gotten dressed. Yep, I was in my PJs - and rather ratty ones, at that (even for me), since Tim isn't home. (He's out doing a camping trip with a buddy - more on that later this week.)

The officers said when they got to the house, they saw a flash of an animal running, so figured it was the lion, but searched the property, anyway. I told them they could have seen a fox or deer, as we have plenty of them (and yes, we do live in the city). One of the officers said with a smile, "Probably not so many, now."

I asked if mountain lions come through screen doors (it was hot and I wanted to keep it open). The officers responded, "Not usually."

Not usually? Guess who was sweating all night.

A Division of Wildlife officer called me later to follow up. He asked if the lion had a collar (it didn't - so it wasn't one they've been tracking). When I told him how it ran away, he said, "You're lucky. A lot of them aren't afraid of people."

Of course, I called my neighbors to warn them... well, at least the ones we like. As for the ones we hate? Let's just say there was a steak in the fridge that, if only my pitching arm were better and their fence wasn't so high...

I also called Tim. He was quite jealous. It's funny that such an outdoorsy guy, who is always hiking, camping and in the yard doing... well, yard stuff, has never seen a moutain lion, but fresh air-challenged me has now seen two since we've lived in Boulder. (The other was about 10 years ago when we lived in the mountains.)

When I told Tim which PJs I'd been in to greet the officers, he asked, "When they left, did they tell you they hope you feel better?"

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That's sort of scary! Are all your animals inside types? Our dogs use a doggy door. I'd be afraid they'd be eaten up like little lion hor dourves.

I went 'round the neighborhood today to a few people who keep their pets out (in one case, I only know the pet, not the person) to warn them. Also warned a neighbor I saw crouching down at dusk to garden - not a good idea to make yourself into a small, delectable morsel.

We've never had a dog door - the cats were always inside cats. I'd be more afraid the lion would get in the house that way! (Happened to a neighbor with a racoon a few years ago. Made a HUGE mess.)

Wow, how about Miles??? Did he notice the creature-- it doesn't sound as if he was in on the caper... I'd just be so afraid to let him out in the yard!

And if the cops didn't arrest you for breaking and entering, the jammies couldn't be THAT bad!

Hi Leah! Believe me, the jammies were BAD. I hadn't even considered they might arrest me for a B+E! Now that's incentive to get dressed.

I thought about Miles, too when this happened. He went to the big hydrant in the sky almost 2 years ago (he was 14, so had a very long and wonderful life). The cats have also passed on (at 17 and 19, so ditto!). I'm sure Shula would have run away, but Morty always growled at anything he saw. Would have been interesting.

Wow, I read the book, and I see their photos on the site, and just thought they were still with you. Well, hopefully they're romping and playing and getting their bellies scratched whenever they want... Sorry to open a vein there...

On another note--
I just bestowed the "I Give Good Blog" award on you. May it bring you some increased traffic and new readers! I really love it, myself!


Wow! Thanks, Leah. That's so nice of you!

And, don't worry about opening a vein or anything. We think about them/talk about them all the time, anyway, and it's actually really nice that people remember them and mention them. I just called into a book club tonight, in fact, and as usual, they asked about the pets. I really appreciate it!


I saw a lion once and explained to him/her that if didn't want to be my new carpet the smart thing would be to leave. And he/her did.

Thus spaketh Jack the Lion Whisperer.

Jack - I feareth the People's Republic of Boulder would skin me alive if I shot a lion.

Perhaps you know a City Council Whisperer?

If you are taking a picture of that lion than please upload that photo in your blog i am just eager to see that lion's photo.

It seems to be scary. I love wild life photography . And i have taken many pictures of lions. Nice post!!

Thanks, and welcome!

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