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Little Foxes

The neighborhood slut strikes again.

Every year our resident fox has her kits. This year, she outdid herself. Six - count 'em, six.

Before our year-long, QUEEN OF THE ROAD trip, Tim and I lived in the mountains above Boulder, in the front range of the Rockies. We never saw this much wildlife. Who knew living in the city would be this Mutual of Omaha?

The kits come out from under our deck to play early in the a.m. (so I'm told) and after 3 p.m. So, without further ado, here are some kit pics:



Once they realized I would be staying inside, behind the window (which is how I prefer seeing nature, anyway)...


... it's party time!




No wonder mom needs a rest.


Hopefully, Tim didn't have plans for that glove.




Someone's as fascinated by me as I am by him:




Someone else, not so much:


Sorry toots, you're the one trespassing in my yard:


I had been calling them "pups" until my father-in-law (who lives in rural Arkansas, so I'll take his word for it) told me they're "kits." Makes sense - they actually behave alot more like kittens than puppies. One was getting into something it shouldn't right below our bedroom window, so I knocked on the pane. The kit immediately ran away, but then quickly returned, peering right in at me. It even jumped up on the ledge to get a better look (and promptly fell off. Haven't quite gotten the balance thing worked out, yet.)




I should be writing, I should be getting the house ready to put on the market. I should be doing a lot of things. Instead, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time observing these fox kits. Tim can't quite understand it: For someone with as much antipathy to the outdoors as I... But, with such incredible cuteness literally (and litterally) mere feet from our windows, I can't seem to get enough.

And they say Twitter 's a time-suck.

Update: I may just have been cured. One of them killed a squirrel and brought it back to their den. Yeah, I know, the whole Circle of Life thing. Fine, but I don't want to witness it. Isn't that why we have deli counters?

Comments (18)

Okay, I don't care how much your house is, I'll take it!

Only if that gorgeous family is planning to stay! Great photos Doreen!

They really don't look like they're going anywhere, much to all the squirrels' chagrin. (And kinda mine, too. I mean they are cute and all, but what if I venture outside when they're hungry?)

Um, Doreen, they're the size of a house cat. I suppose one could leap at your jugular vein, felling you instantly, but it seems very unlikely.

!!!!! I hadn't thought of that! Oy! Such a deal I'll give you on our house...

They're so cute! How do you know the mom's a slut? Maybe she's married, and her husband fox has to travel for a living. Maybe he's helping build foxy infrastructure in a neighboring forest.

I guess I'm a much more cynical shrink than you are.

You know, come to think of it: Prior to the appearance of this litter, I used to see a fox pass by my office window every day at 5pm and used to joke, "Time to punch the clock." Hmmm.

kristy Peacock:

Way cute!! I would not be getting anything done either, then again, I do not get that much done anyway!
Definitely a sell point for some buyers.....not so much others!


These are fascinating photos, understandable why you're consumed. We have 12 cottonwoods in our backyard with TOO many squirrels.......I have a plan for your foxes, should you want to send them to a new home!?!?!?!?

Wow Doreen, (and long time no see,) those are gorgeous! They remind me of the time a deer had twins on our lawn, then she adopted a baby whose mother was hit by a car on the road in front of our house, so she was nursing three. Adorable. The black one is quite striking. Will he become grey? I never saw a black fox before.

Polly - don't know about the black one. We've never seen one before, either, in all the years we've lived here.

I may need to take you up on that, Linda. This fox mother seems to have an older son from a prior relationship, as well as her 6 new kits, so I'm not sure our yard can support this entire family. That would certainly help concerns of potential buyers Kristy raised.

I can see it now: a fox airlift.

I once saw this adorable fuzzy dogs that the owner claimed were the result of her chihuahua being taken advantage of by a fox while on a camping trip. I didn't know that was genetically possible but they sure did LOOK like they were...

Welcome, CanCan!

These fox and the Turkey Vultures are the things I'll miss most about the house. Totally confident I'll find some excellent substitutes on the road, though likely not "camping" (shudder - no wonder that chihuahua let her guard down).


Wow. I wouldn't be able to work either if I had wild animal kingdom going on outside my window. Great photos!


Never had a chat using the newer technology of a keyboard...what a treasure this adorable family. Sabrina would, if she lived at your house, be the squirrel. Glad she's piddle pad trained. Thanks for the Jack Hannah experience.

Joan Wolf:

I live in rural Oregon and have foxes also. These are adorable. I also have never seen a black one. We have Bears, Raccoons, Deer and tons of birds. I know that you will find someone that will be very happy to buy your house. If you have trouble tell them to send the foxes to me.
Joan/Selma, OR


What a beautiful area you live in, although I can't imagine even more wildlife in my backyard. I'll take you up on the fox offer if it comes to that. Shipping's on me.

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