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Hedge Fund Wives


Awhile back, I commented that one of the best things about being an author was meeting other authors.

This was never truer than last night.

The ultra-fabulous Auna Jornayvaz invited Tim and me to a book launch party she was throwing at The Ritz in Denver with two of her friends, Karen Quinn and Monica Owens for their good friend, Tatiana Boncompagni. She's the author of the just released and couldn't-be-more-timely novel HEDGE FUND WIVES. I'd read Tatiana's GUILDING LILY when it came out last year (she's already started a third book and she has two little kids - why can't I even seem to start a second when all I have is a husband?) and absolutely loved it. I was so happy to meet Tatiana and discover that in addition to being such a talented author, she's also a sweetheart. Now, I really can't wait to read HEDGE FUND WIVES.


I met Auna after she wrote my favorite review of QUEEN OF THE ROAD for Denver Magazine ("Eat, Pray, Love - without the depression" - what's not to love?). She came over and Tim fixed her shoe. She reported last night, much to Project Nerd's delight, that it remains quite intact. As he told me later, "Of course it did. I used something stronger than the original shoe. Indeed.


Karen Quinn is the author of several bestsellers, including THE IVY CHRONICLES, which was recently optioned by Sarah Jessica Parker.


Chatting away, Karen and I discovered that she and my editor, the fabulous Stacy Creamer (I knew her when... she was Broadway editor-in-chief, but she's recently become publisher of Touchstone Fireside), are very good buds. (I knew Stacy is an accomplished runner, is a mom and beads, but I did not know she also weaves. Really. Why in the world such a busy, energetic soul wanted to publish couch potato me, I'll never know.)

While at this swanky soiree, I could not resist snapping a few quick and surreptitious pics of some of the fabulous shoes in attendance. It felt rather voyeristic, in a I-wonder-if-I-could-be-arrested-for-this sort of way, but that's never stopped me:

A lovely lady named Laura was kind enough to inform me these are Manolos, when she could just as easily have called security.

Not sure what either of these are, other than stunning.

I think, in this case, I'll take the shoes and the bag.

OK. Enough with the name and shoe dropping. Gotta go start reading my copy of HEDGE FUND WIVES.

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kristy Peacock:

The shoes LOOK lovely, but all I can think of when I see them is OUCH!
Sky high heels make my feet, legs, back hurt!

Oy, Kristy. I had a similar thought. Are we getting old, or what?

Them's is loverly shoes! I agree about the pain quotient. Lately, I've been looking at the merchandise in Walking On A Cloud with great interest.

Those 3 inch heels at the book signing were a Bad Idea.

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