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A Major Benefit of Being an Author

Yesterday, I got to spend several hours with John Elder Robison, whose memoir, LOOK ME IN THE EYE, you should all check out, if you haven't already (it was a NYT bestseller when it came out last year). The paperback is being released in September. He has been a wonderful mentor to me through the whole publishing process - telling me what to expect and answering questions. He even reviewed the galley of QUEEN OF THE ROAD on his blog and gave me a wonderful blurb for the cover.

After exchanging many emails over the past year, we finally got to meet yesterday, when he was in Boulder for one of his many speaking engagements.

What a sweetheart.

I knew from reading his book that he is smart and wickedly funny, but I guess I had to meet him to understand - well, I think John said it best when he commented to me about Tim later, "He seems like a gentle mate." Takes one to know one, John!

I took John to Denver (he's brave, too, getting in the car with me driving and all) to see the bus. I provided a tour of the interior, while Tim did the honors for the innards (which I had never even seen before. Imagine that.) John seemed genuinely interested and impressed with our mobile home, which tickled us both no end, since he's had a lot of experience with buses and engines and such.


Then, we headed back to Boulder for dinner with Bella Stander, Kristen Nelson and Kim Reid.
What a wonderful group!

(Right to left: John, Bella, Kim, Kristen and me.)

Bella is an author consultant extraordinaire. She has helped me (and several others I know) tremendously. Once you have a book contract, before you do anything else - consult Bella! She also blogs about many topics pertinent to writers, throwing in a lot of her patented Bella humor. If you're a writer and you want straight talk and sound advice, see Bella.

Kristen is a literary agent based in Denver. I've been reading her fabulous Pub Rants blog for some time. It's one of the most informative agent blogs out there.

Kim is a recent first-time author, whose memoir, NO PLACE SAFE, came out in October. I'd heard of her fascinating story before - she was 13 during the summer of the Atlanta Child Murders and her mother was a lead detective on the case. But, listening to her speak about her childhood and the racial issues she deals with in the book, made me put in my order as soon as I got home. No excuse people - it sounds like a wonderful read, got a fabulous PW review and it's in paperback (just like my book will be, hint, hint). Kim also has a great sense of humor and I so enjoyed meeting a fellow (or lady, as the case may be) Boulder author.

After dinner, everyone (except John - why is that?) commented on my shoes. Since I do have a reputation to uphold, I thought I'd let you see why (even Morty seems to like them):


So, if you haven't yet figured out one of the major benefits of being an author - it's getting to meet such wonderful people as these.

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It was great meeting you. Good food, good conversation about writing - a perfect evening. I look forward to reading QUEEN OF THE ROAD and seeing you at future LLLs. I still love those shoes.



Kim -

I could tell you are a woman of excellent taste.


One of these days I am going to have to become an author so that I might also enjoy the benefits.
I might have to blog about the benefits.
I smell a good post hiding in there, at least I hope that the burning is coming from my head and is not my lunch.

I too enjoyed hanging out with you all, seeing the bus, and meeting your mate. Also, I have seen that pointy-toed look before. I know girls like it, but it is a mystery to me why the pointy look is appealing because I cannot see any functional point to it.

I might appreciate it more if, for example, the points had hooks to climb masonry walls. Something like that would be clever and unique and functional.

In any case, such subtlety just passes me by most of the time

There is no point to pointy-toed shoes, except that they look cool. I can't wear them, nor high heels (not that I need to, at 6' tall. Which is just as well, because women's shoes don't come in my enormous size (12-1/2). Except for some low-heeled girlie shoes I bought 20 years ago at a specialty shop, I mostly wear men's shoes.



Pointy-toed shoes make short women like me look taller - they elongate the legs. Although, I think you should pursue a patent on your idea - much more practical.


In my former pre-bus life, the thought of wearing men's shoes (they're just so unimaginative) would have killed me. Now, I think it's kinda cool.

You think they make you look taller?

I had to ponder that a moment. I suppose if you are at a sufficiant distance, the longer shoes might create the impression of greater leg length.

But why? Did you feel inadequate presenting your legs and feet the conventional way?

I don't see a benefit to giving the appearance of longer legs. I don't perceive leg length as a make-or-break factor for most girls in most situations. I can assure you, an inch or two of leg length (more or less) would not change my opinion of you one bit.

In my opinion, people in this country spend billions of unnecessary dollars on clothes and cosmetics that provide questionable benefit.


Hmmm. It's not a question of feeling inadequate. It's the same reason I get my hair styled, or wear earrings. Shoes are fun. Some are even works of art. (Yes, that's what I said. I can post pictures to prove it.) Although I haven't bought any in a LONG time (except for the waders I needed in Crescent City a few months ago), I still enjoy the ones I have and if a few of these 200 pairs make me look (or even just feel) taller - that's fun, too.

Maybe it's like cars are for guys? Guys don't need sports cars or cars that are particularly stylish or powerful. But, they make guys feel good. They're fun, even though they all serve the same function: They take you where you want to go.

Like shoes.

I've been here once or twice before, but saw you again on John Elder Robison's blog. Your book likes like a fun read I'd really enjoy!!
Will definitely look for it for my reading list.


Hmm. It's not about feeling inadequate. I suppose it's similar to why I style my hair or wear earrings: Shoes are fun. It feels good to wear them, just like it does to be wearing a nice haircut or earrings. And, if the shoes I wear make me look (or feel) taller, even better. Although I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in some time (not counting the waders I purchased at Wal-mart during our recent stay on the beach in Crescent City), I still enjoy the ones I have. Many of the 200 pairs are like works of art. (Yes, I did say that, and I'm happy to post pictures for any skeptics.)

Maybe it's like cars are for guys. Guys don't really need fancy cars or sports cars, but they're fun. It feels good to drive them. All cars serve the same function, after all: they take you where you want to go.

Like shoes.


Don't know why that posted twice!

Christine - Thanks! I've seen you over at John's as well. (And other places, I think. We do get around, don't we?)

Well, maybe shoes for girls are like fancy cars for guys. But as I was telling you, I want to divest myself of many of my cars so maybe that explains my tepid response to what might otherwise be striking and noteworthy shoes.

I do remember being 18 and thinking, if I had a nice car, girls would like me. Now I know better.


And I, too, remember being 18 and thinking, if I had nice shoes, girls (whose clicks I desperately wanted to join) would like me. Now I know better, too.

Hey Bella, another tallie! I am also six feet tall. Not wearing mens shoes, although I've given up on heels and it's hard to find nice looking shoes in size 11. I wear Lands End water shoes year round because they're so comfy. Sure do love those pointy shoes though, Doreen. Very stylish. Glad you got to meet John, he is a sweetie. That must have been one great dinner.

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