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Hate Her Because She's (Now Even More) Beautiful

One of my fabulous readers (and fellow "damn bus" gal), Francine, recently traveled to Savannah. How could she not remember what I wrote about Joseph's Salon?


"...what most epitomized our trip to Savannah, and perhaps the entire genteel South, was my visit to Joseph’s Salon. Look, I can’t help it; I’m shallow that way. (What do you want from me?) Still, bear with me here, for Joseph has coiffed the ladies of Savannah for years in the downstairs of his lovely townhouse and I’ve never had my hair done in such a graceful atmosphere by such a master craftsman. As the scissors flew in his hands, the “darlin’s” and “suga’s” were flyin’ out of his mouth and back at him again by the waiting female throng."


Of course, she had to go. And of course, she had to rub it in by emailing me those pictures of her utterly fabulous experience, as well as this one of her fabulous self with the fabulous Joseph:


As Francine wrote: "Gee, thanks ... got my haircut, fell in love, and all under an hour ... now what?"

Now what? Well, Francine, you pine away for Joseph the rest of your life, lamenting the coiffs that might have been, just like I do.

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We have a salon in town housed in one of the older buildings on Main Street. It also has a fireplace. The craftsman in greatest demand (he does the hairs of most of the women at my newspaper) is fortunate to have the moniker Phil Collins. Really. He's Phil Collins. And he'd British.


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