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April Contest - A Royal Expose!

In honor of April Fools' Day, I thought I would do something a little different for this month's contest. Here's the topic: A Royal Expose. Write about the "truth" behind Your Sovereign, Sir Tim, Our Bus, The Pets or really, whatever strikes your fancy - anything at all in the QUEEN OF THE ROAD universe will do. Be sure to enter via the contest page of the website. Again, basically a 250 word parody/fantasy/made-up story (remember this is in commemoration of April 1) about anything that has to do with QUEEN OF THE ROAD. For ideas, you can certainly root around the website (especially the home page - click on the pictures for details of each, and you should get a pretty good feel for the players and the trip). But, c'mon: Two shrinks on a bus for a year? It's writing itself, people! The prize, of course, is a signed (galley, or actual - depending on when they're available) copy of QUEEN OF THE ROAD and... I'm stickin' with the moose poop, people. It seems to have caught on.

To whet your appetites, here is another winning entry from the very first month's contest (topic: If I could take a year off) this one from Patti Tucker (she's a real funny broad - I'm a regular reader of her blog):

if i could take a year off, which by the by i just have, and closed a business to boot so i could take said year off (a risk that remains to be seen as a smart move), i would finish my book (done), and find an agent (working on). i would read and write and cook. i would mourn by pooch (not planned but unavoidable) and cry till dry. i would eat frito pie and velvetta cheese without nary a guilty thought. i would join a book club so we could talk of our lives instead. i would learn to live a new way. the way that has left many a relative shaking their head.

I loved a lot about this, particularly the eating part, the mourning part (I haven't even been able to blog about that, yet... ), and particularly the learning to live a new way. That's what the "bus thing" taught us, without our even hoping for it, planning for it, or even knowing it - until our return.

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me, me, me! Oh wait, thanky! gosh that patti tucker IS a funny broad. i can't imagine why more people aren't reading her blog.

(fine, I'm patti...just having some fun...)

Patti's entry is hilarious, esp the "i would learn to live a new way. the way that has left many a relative shaking their head." Love it.

Polly was the final winner. Particularly loved what she said about traveling with her cat (and I could certainly relate).

I'll be posting her entry, soon.

Meanwhile, I'm sure Lydia, Patti and Polly (and their kids - where applicable) are all over that poopin' moose!


Hmm...What to say, what to write...

I want a poopin moose!!

But I have a question (sorry this is dumb)--
I don't understand the prompt entirely. Can you elaborate a bit more?


Hey there,

I just added a little more info in the post. I hope that makes it clearer. The topic was inspired by the goofey April Fools' "stories" in newspapers - you know the ones that read as if they're true, but they're really not.

Or, any story in the Onion ever written.

Thanks!!! Got it!
Will try to think of something, because this sounds fun!

I was reminded of you when my daughter won a pooping pig at a fair. Imagine the queen being known best for her poop collection. :-)

I am looking forward to this exercise. It sounds like a lot of fun. Now if I can de-shrink my brain and allow the creative to pour through. (I'll be back...)

I relate so hard to what Patti wrote, especially the mourning. I lost my dog August 1st and I'm still having difficulty getting past it. The eating part... Please. Peas. Pod. "Learning to live a new way", ah that is so beautiful and so true and what I'm working on these days.

Hitting Patti's blog now.

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