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Borders Picks QUEEN OF THE ROAD as a June Book Club Selection!

Nothing snarky about today's post. Nope. Nothing, indeed.

I realize I haven't posted much about the whole publishing process thing. That's 'cause it's a mystery to me. To wit:

My editor, the fabulous Stacy Creamer (Lance Armstrong's IT'S NOT ABOUT THE BIKE; Elizabeth Edwards' SAVING GRACES; Lauren Weisberger's THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA) gave me the news yesterday that Borders had decided to make QUEEN OF THE ROAD one of its June book club picks. This means it and the other picks (four this month - two fiction, one young adult and one nonfiction - that'd be me in June) are placed in the front of the store with special reading group guides. Random House had to push the publication date up from June 10 to June 3 because of this. Made no difference to me. My (writing) work is done. I sent back the final corrected proofs over a week ago.

How did this happen? I had no idea this was in the works, or that it was even possible. I'm thrilled beyond belief and so grateful to... I have no idea who to be grateful to, but thank you, whoever you are!

I've been pinching myself to see if I'll wake up. Then, I didn't sleep all night. Go figure!

And, while I'm on the subject of the whole writing thing, blurbs were due a week ago and the winner is.... me! I was lucky indeed to get such fabulous blurbers. Thank you, all!

"Two psychiatrists driving a motorhome around America, and you're still wondering whether to buy this book? Step on the gas and go straight to the register." – Jeff Arch, Academy-Award nominated screenwriter, Sleepless In Seattle

“Doreen Orion has a fresh, wry voice that's all her own and she works it like a rodeo rider in her light-hearted and yet tender new memoir 'Queen of the Road.' ” - Jacquelyn Mitchard, bestselling author, The Deep End of the Ocean

"Doreen Orion and her handyman husband Tim prove, with abundant laughs and martini shaker in hand, that sometimes the best way to enrich home-life is to leave the home...or, better yet, just put it on wheels." - Franz Wisner, bestselling author Honeymoon with My Brother

“His dream – he’s always wanted to see America in a converted bus – and her nightmare –she has a bus phobia – and their mid-life crisis on wheels, make for a hilarious reading adventure.” - Mary-Lou Weisman, author of Traveling While Married

“You will never look at a psychiatrist the same way again. And you will never take a bus driver for granted, either." - John Robison, bestselling author, Look Me In the Eye

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Mazel Tov, Doreen! THAT IS HUGE-- beyond exciting. I'm plotzing for you, bubbie. Plaaahtzing!!!


I am sitting here imagining you all "plaatzerella" as you often say and laughing my (recently grown bus) butt off. Thanks for the work out and as ever, for your beyond fabulous support, my JBBFF! (I know YOU don't need an explanation, Katie, but for anyone else, that's "Jew Blogging Best Friend Forever.")

That's great news about Borders, and the blurbs too. At this rate the NYT best-seller list is just over the horizon.


Jew Blogging Best Friend Forever

Better copyright that or someone is going to make hundreds of shekels on the t-shirts. ;)


I'm really tickled for you! You can feel the genuine surprise and glee in your words.

You go, girl!!!

I won't be able to get your book until we're home in June, but it's been on my list-of-books-to-buy for a while.


I am going to go to Borders and take my pic in front of the display and tell everyone who walks by that doreen, that's what i call you so they will be impressed by my name-dropping cause people loooove when others name drop, right, anyway, i'll tell them that doreen is a hoot and they should do themselves a favor and read the book. i'll tell them it would make a great gift. i'll also tell them you wish you could thank everyone personally, but you are a very busy author.

Hmm...I tried to comment yesterday, but I kept getting errors. And yet others have been able to comment. Have you already activated the restraining order?


LOL Angela. Oh, wait a minute. Don't want to encourage you... :)

And, Patti - I'll hold you to that. In fact, I'll send you a reminder email in June!

Chris - no worries - book pub date isn't until June 3.

Jack - How Jewy of you :) (Was the semi colon instead of a colon in your smiley thingy a typo or a payus? If the former, I'm definitely patenting the latter!)

Groan! I just was reading your comments on Eons and thought I'd check your
new book out since we are in the same genre. We DID take a year and travel
around the US - not in a bus, but in a small 10' PleasureWay Class B Van!
Now talk about really liking your traveling companion - that was the
ultimate - and we are still married, and still like each other.

We saw all 48 of the contiguous states, visited all 45 national parks and
had the time of our lives. We decided to write a "how-to" book
(self-evident to those of us who have done it...) to help others figure out
all the logistics to getting off the couch and onto the road.

Our second edition has just come out - but, unfortunately no one has
notified us that it will be a Border's selection - congrats.

If you are ever in Portland - let's meet for coffee, or wine, or ???

Carol White

i link'd you!

Gertrude Orion:

Hear the joke about a woman taking the oath of office for the president of the US? Her mother sitting in the audience next to dignitaries turned to one and said: "See that woman up there taking the oath, her brother is a doctor!" Like Patti, I shall stand in front of the display at Borders, in front of Doreen's book, and name-drop. "See this book by Doreen? I'm her mother!"

And, folks, she means it, too! (Lord help Borders if they move the display to the back.)

Yeah! Awesome! I'm so happy for you!!! Rock on...

Congratulations, Doreen! I finally stopped by via JER's blog. Sounds like you all had a fun dinner in Boulder when John was in town. So glad I got a chance to meet you at the last LLLunch. Looking forward to attending one of your first book signings! Karen

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