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Another Winner

Here's the final February Winner of a galley copy and a poopin' moose - Polly Kahl. That month's topic was, What Would YOU Do If You Could Take A Year Off.

My husband and I fantasize about taking a family trip similar to yours. We'd lease a huge camper and take the kids and travel the country for a year. The camper would be large enough to provide some areas for privacy, while also having ample room for family activities such as playing board games and art projects. Ken dreams of us taking the kids to the Grand Canyon the way his parents took their kids, back in the 60s, in their old station wagon with the fake wood panels on the sides. I dream of a year of conversations without the interruptions of video games, land lines and television (the laptop's comin' with me.) The boys dream of an endless selection of amusement parks, finding new hills to climb, beaches for dune buggying, and natural wonders such as hot springs, caves and volcanoes. We all dream of seeing the varied terrains and interesting kinds of people who cover this vast country. Our children are both nearing their teen years and quality time with them, while we can still enjoy it, becomes more precious every day. It would help if we found a magic pill for our gender-confused male kitty Sophie's car sickness. A cozy lap cat would be the perfect accompaniment to long highway cruises while watching the changing landscapes go by.

As you can tell, Polly is a wonderful writer and a darn nice gal, to boot! You can see (additionally) for yourself on her website.

And, don't forget to enter for your chance to win! For this months' topic, see the post below.

Comments (6)

You're a doll, Doreen. I can't wait to read the book next week while recovering from surgery, and the poopin' moose is now one of our favorite members of our household. He's even beginning to display some sort of strange distended bowel disorder from being made to go so often. Who knew makin' a moose poop could be so much fun?

Thanks Doreen. I love my poopin' moose, and your wonderful book sits on the top of the pile of books by my bed waiting to amuse and entertain me next week after my surgery. Are we allowed to enter in more than one month? I have a feeling I'm going to want a copy of QOTR for every room. Woohooo!

Thanks, Polly! The wanting a copy of QUEEN for every room made me forgive you for the previous "you're a doll" comment. Whatcha tryin' to do? Ruin my reputation?

Good luck with your surgery!


The camper would be large enough to provide some areas for privacy, while also having ample room for family activities such as playing board games and art projects.

That is one big camper.

Very nice! I remember the fake-wood paneling station wagon.
I dream of something similar when our two boys are older.

Congratulations Polly!

Polly's yarn is fantastic and it sounds quite lovely.

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