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My Brush With Celebrity

Project Runway fans: We met Mondo and Gretchen! Here's the proof:


As you know if you read the book (and if you didn't, must I keep nagging? Apparently so.) Project Runway is one of my fave shows. So, I was thrilled when Mondo and Gretchen came to town last week for a party at The Beauty Bar in Denver. (Yeah, they do your nails, blow your hair, with a big dance space and not one, but two full bars.)

There was a large screen TV and we watched the episode live, as it ran (this was last week - sorry, been having computer issues) and everyone in the place was throwing out comments. During commercials, Gretchen and Mondo would tell us some behind the scenes stuff. Sort of like being in a theatre for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but with the actual stars on stage.

So, how did Tim and I manage to get into such a swaggy event? I know you're thinking there must have been a typo on the guest list, but no: Buffalo Exchange. (Oy. Do you really think I had to swap a buffalo for an invite? Geez.)

When I was a starving psych resident in Tucson, Buffalo Exchange was just down the road from the medical school. I used to go there all the time to relax and SHOP. It's a used clothing store where you "Buy, Sell, Trade." Oh, the humiliation of bringing in an outfit you'd just worn to sell and being told it wasn't good enough. (I was such a regular, they sometimes did a "mercy buy." Did I mention the humiliation?)

Oh, but the clothes made it worth it. I would routinely see something in a store I wanted, but refused to pay retail for (it's in my genes, what can I say?), then head to Buffalo and viola! I found it, slightly used, but in great shape and for a fabulo price.


Once we moved to Colorado, I missed the place. Terribly. I still shopped sales, but Buffalo is a whole 'nother thing. I called a few times and asked when they were going to open a store in Colorado. One of those times, I got the answer I craved, "Actually, someone just bought the franchise rights for Colorado." Without even thinking, I replied, "Well, if he needs a partner, give him my number."

Now, Tim and I are co-owners of the Denver and Boulder Buffalo Exchange stores. The best part is truly being partnered with some wonderful people. It's enriched our lives in many ways. Not least of which is... meeting Mondo and Gretchen.

Because... they each worked in our stores at one time. Mondo briefly in the Denver store (I actually remember meeting him there years ago. He's not someone you easily forget) and Gretchen for quite a while in our Boulder store. At the party, she actually told me that working at Buffalo was the single most important factor in becoming the designer she is. I just kinda babbled. I have to admit I was star struck. My fave show, with the two designers who I think are shoe-ins for the Fashion Week finale.

Not sure who the 3rd will be. Any guesses? Make it work, people!

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I love the show, too, but Gretchen is getting on my nerves. I find myself routing for Michael just because she's been such a bitch.

I guess they couldn't tell you who won, huh? Must be tough to keep that under your belt.

I would find it impossible not to tell. I don't understand how they can all keep it a secret. I would think they could just do the whole fashion week thing, then bring the 3 finalists back to film the final critiques and winner being announced right before the finale airs.

I wonder what they agreed to forfeit if they spill the beans? An eye?

Okay, so I thought about this while watching tonight. I was really rooting for Michael, and I really, really disliked Gretchen's stuff. Oh, well. Mondo's gonna win, anyway.

It was really heartbreaking to watch Michael's loss. Other than Mondo, I couldn't figure out which one of the others was definitely in.

I'm going out on a limb here, but I think Gretchen is going to win. I love Mondo's stuff, I just wonder if he can pull off doing something that's different from what we've seen.

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