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Not So Much

I reviewed a case of an elderly woman who was recently widowed after several decades of marriage. She was sad and lonely, but otherwise functioning as well and independently as she always had. Still, her internist thought she was "depressed" and sent her to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Without getting into a rant about how sometimes we pathologize things we shouldn't, I'll just tell you about my conversation with my darling husband about this case.

Me: If you're not sad and lonely 4 weeks after I die, I'm going to be really pissed off.

Tim (after a pause): Well... I'll be sad.

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Wonder what punishment the Queen has in store for that one!

I'm keeping him wondering, too.

Tim is so nice. Questions like that bring out the demon in me. I'm sure I would have said something like, "I'll only be sad if the caterer of the celebration party runs out of shrimp..."

Oy! And a shanda to boot!

Mine would be sad, lonely, and terribly confused, since I do just about everything for him and he has no idea where anything is.

I kind of like it that way. Keeps him from being unlonely without me.

I guess I'm in LOADS of trouble, then.

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