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A Superior Book Club

No, I'm not being a snob (for once). They meet in Superior, CO. Geez.


The gals were lovely, the food was amazing and the martinis looked soooo good. Wish I could have imbibed, but I can barely drive, so drinking and... no. As it was, the navigating left a little to be desired. Laura (in front, in gold), whose lovely home we met at, gave me excellent directions (better than Map Breath's), but when will I learn I need these things spelled out coming and going? I'm really not good with keeping the whole right-left thing straight.

So, Tim was rather surprised when, upon my return, I phoned him rather accusingly and demanded, "Did you know McCaslin Boulevard dead-ends?" I mean, he could have warned me. (Although, in truth, he didn't know. I don't think many Coloradans do, as I must have been almost to Kansas.)

Before I left Laura's, this Superior group actually gave me some gifts. I was rather amazed. I mean, they read my book, fed me and gave me stuff?

And, yeah, yeah, we discussed QUEEN OF THE ROAD, of course. But, when one of the gals mentioned that a local Macy's was going under and selling everything, well, my ears (and some other parts of me) perked up. I haven't really done much shopping since the "bus thing," but as many of you know, Tim and I are putting the house on the market as soon as we (well, OK - he), finishes fixing it up, so we can live in our rig full time. Some chatchkies for staging would be lovely. So, Tim and I headed to that Macy's the next weekend, but by then, the chatchkies (and most other stuff, including the fixtures) were long gone. But, I did pick up this fabulo robe:


Why in the world had it been overlooked by everyone else? Couldn't be related to the fact that Tim calls me "Champ" whenever I wear it, could it?

Now, notice I'm reading a book of martini recipes, drinking from a martini glass and wearing anti-slippy, slippy socks (which perfectly match that robe), all gifts curtesy of this truly Superior book club.

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