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They Were Really Into It

I'm not the most energetic person in the world. We all know this. But, these Book Club Queens of Great Falls, VA would put anyone to shame.


Top left to right: Michele Verity, Karin Brown, Tammy Irving, Bari Zimbrick, Fran Scofield, Susan Grow, Lauren Mullen. Bottom left to right: Linda Matz, Karen Doody, Mary Wiltse, Patti Hulett, Bina Clark, Laura Lopez.

Linda, who was hosting that day, has good friends, Jane and Ken Tholan, from Louisa, VA, who travel the country in their super-duper RV, so persuaded them to come on over, park in her driveway, and allow the book club to meet in the rig for their lunch:


But, wait! There's more! The ladies were all required to wear their favorite couture shoes:


How many can you name? Which is your fav? (They should be glad I wasn't there in person, 'cause if any of these beauties were size 8, the wearers would be going home barefoot. You know I mean it.)

They also made two of the martini recipes in QUEEN OF THE ROAD, although assured me they waited until noon to imbibe. As Michele (who helped arrange the whole thing) put it, "The ladies were 'extra happy' at carpool." I bet. They also boasted (or lamented, I couldn't be sure), that amongst all the neighbors in the group, they didn't have to go to the store to buy any of the ingredients.


Headwater High and Prevost Princess.

And, as if that wasn't enough, they were all provided with shoe box lunches:


That's Michele on the left and Linda on the right.


As Michele emailed me afterward, "Since we alternate hosts, there's now a lot of pressure! " I would certainly say so. Just seeing these pictures made me think I should at least get out of my PJs today. Fortunately, the thought passed.

Don't know if it was the booze, rig, box lunch, shoes, or even the book, but Michele also said that this was the most they've ever discussed a selection. Nice for me to hear, but maybe not so nice for any other book clubs out there, as with everything else going on for this group's meeting: you should consider yourselves served.

Comments (4)

I vote for the lady in fuzzy slippers.

In my first book club, begun nearly 20 years ago, each month we drank tea and talked about the book. And we didn't need any discussion guides (which hadn't yet been invented). How quaint, huh?

You're a regular book club pioneer, Bella!

I vote for those cute little leopard spotted peep-toe numbers. Any chance they make them in a clodhooper size 11?

Probably only for the original leopard.

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