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Temecula - Don't Worry, It's Not Catching

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the gals in that fabulous Lopez Island, WA book club recommended QUEEN OF THE ROAD to her sister and I hoped that didn't mean she hates her. Well, I guess she doesn't, as Kristy (sister of Jane from Lopez) liked it enough to bring it to her book club in Temecula, CA. (It's a lovely town in So Cal; it only sounds like something you'd want to be innoculated against.) Although, I suppose it's possible that Jane hates Kristy and Kristy hates her book club, but really. Let's just assume the best for once, shall we?

This book club has sisters of its own. Can you tell?


(That's Susan on top, then L to R: Lisa, Diana, Dana, Linda, then bottom row L to R: Becky and Katie. So, nu? Who are the sisters? Susan and Becky.)

While almost all of the book clubs I call in to comment on how "wonderful" Tim is (yawn), this one also mentioned how nice it must have been for him to "have a wife who made him laugh and was such a good sport about going on a trip she didn't want." They really said that. And no, they didn't sound too drunk or anything when they did. Of course, I told Tim (conveniently leaving out yet another night of Project Nerd-directed superlatives). His response?

"Oh, yeah. That's exactly how it happened." Fine.

Diana leaves May 4th for her own RV adventure - four months in Alaska. She doesn't want to go. (Sounded like she was having some anticipatory RV anxiety of her own, but as I always say, "I gave at the office" - sorry, Diana.) Her husband just retired and this is his dream. Sound familiar? Might I suggest that you do what I did: Grow a prodigious bus butt to show your darling hubby that living one's dreams can have its nightmarish aspects.

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annette baesel:

These posts are very helpful in coming up with the appropriate Queen of the Road etiquette for our April book group...the pressure is on. And expectations are high. looking forward to it.

Yes, these clubs have all been tons of fun (at least for me). It's been really interesting, too "meeting" women all over the country - some in such far flung places! (I'm "doing" a club in HI on Monday!) Looking forward to your group, too!

Book club people always look so happy. Maybe I should join a book club.

I have a ginormous bus butt and we don't even have a bus. It's so wrong on so many levels.

One drawback to book clubs is sometimes you read a really sucky book - as mine is this month. The title/author shall remain nameless, but it won a big important prize, so I shoulda known. The only reason I finished it is because the only pleasure I'll get from it is bitching about it when we all meet.


I have decided that when I read a really sucky book, that I will no longer force myself to finish it. I decided this while reading a book that had also won some prize or other but had no discernable plot - just kind of a day by day blah blah about some guys life. Nothing happened, no theme, no resolution to anything...blah. After that I decided that I would not waste my time if a book does not hook me by half way! ( did you know that there seems to be two ways to spell discernable/discernible...what is this world coming to? very distressing!)

You have more patience than I, Kristy. For the sucky book we read this month, I actually remembered starting it a few months earlier and only getting to page 20 before quitting. This time, though, I was determined to finish it for reasons I wrote above. (I even took notes on what sucked about it so I'll remember ever excruciating detail for my book club!)

Can't comment on discernable - did you know spell check was invented for me? :)

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