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A Really Fantastic Book Club Wanted Me

Seriously. (I know you think I'm kidding, since we've already been through the "I can't believe she has fans" thing. Well, now I have... more than one. Deal with it.)

Anyway, I got an email with the subject line: "A Really Fantastic Book Club Wants You." After making sure it wasn't some particularly cruel, author-specific form of Nigerian spam, I learned that this Manhattan group meets monthly, the women "totally rock" and most are in the kids entertainment industry. (Several work for Nickelodian, and I'm sure I spied some Sesame Street email addresses! Hmmm. "Queen" would make an excellent "Q" word, no?)

Turns out, my friend, Joshua Henkin, author of the fabulous, New York Times notable book, MATRIMONY, recommended me to the club.

And, aren't Jordana, Severine, Christine, Carol and Robin a stylish bunch? (Truly, what did you expect from a Manhattan book club?):


The nice people at Sesame Workshop provided the conference room, and we chatted via speakerphone. Jordana, the organizer (in the fabulous, sparkly Nanette Lepore dress), mentioned that she had three greyhounds and didn't think they would at all enjoy a prolonged bus trip, which surprised me, for surely they have busing in their blood? She also had a list of very interesting questions, the most difficult of which was "What question do book clubs ask that you dislike answering the most?" Difficult, as I truly couldn't think of any. I'm still trying to think of one. Although (as you know), I'm sick of the book clubs commenting on how "wonderful" Tim is, that's not really a question (and rolling my eyes, not really an answer). So, I'm still mulling.

One of the women commented that I'd made my hometown of Boulder sound so lovely, she wanted to move here. That's fine - we don't mind New Yorkers immigrating to the People's Republic (I am a former Princess from the Island of Long, after all) - it's the Californians we try to dissuade.

The ladies also discussed what they might want to try if they could do anything for a year: Travel the world, do a trip like we did, live in Italy and grow grapes were a few of the answers. (I'd do the Italy thing, but without the gardening aspect. I much prefer my nature through a window. Wonder how Tim would fare as a vintner?)

What would your dream year look like?

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Jody Hayes:

Hmmm....my dream year....
You probably won't believe me but my dream year would be to travel in our RV and see as many national and state parks as we could.

My husband and I are newbies to the RV world and have been reading your book together. He understands Tim's point of view and I understand yours. (at least the mantras necessary when maneuvering the bus in tight traffic). Have you ever tried to take your bus through one of those circular roundabouts on a two lane road? Our GPS unit surprised us with that one. Rule number one: don't trust the GPS unit.

We really had to laugh at your windshield wiper story because it happened to us too. While driving in 60 mph wind gusts and torrential rains in South Carolina. They should give some type of bus award to the drivers (and especially the wives) who make it through such harrowing experiences.

Once I get past the initial anxiety attacks of being in a bus that just barely fits between the lines, I actually enjoy the ride.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy your book. I guess we could count as the world's smallest book club.

Jody and John and
Two Pomeranian puppy sisters
We drive an Allegro (the puppies think we bought it for them)

Enjoyed the piece and have been looking around, nice. Last year we were in Montana and they affectionately refer to Californians as "Quakers."

Found that amusing. Put up a post about cat's this morning, you might like it?



Thanks, Jody! If you email me an address, I'll send you a signed, personalized bookplate for you world's smallest book club.

I did a book signing/reading at a large RV park recently, and about 75 people, all couples came. As a read the passage where I develop my bus phobia, all the women nodded their heads, while the men rolled their eyes.

Gotta be something on the chromosomes.

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