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My Dream Job

I finally found it.

Always wanted to be a backup dancer, but thought it was just too, too much work. Then, I saw David Byrne on Colbert this week performing his new, Life is Long:

He's coming to Denver this summer. Tim was thinking we should go. Then, we saw this and I started railing at the TV. Nothing too clever (Colbert's on waaaay too late for clever), not even an "Oy, it's the song that's long." Mainly just groans. This prompted Tim to exclaim, "And that's exactly why we're not going!"

"Because it sucks?" I asked.

"No, because of your reaction," he replied. "I like it." He would.

Anyway, notice the backup dancers. They SIT. The ENTIRE TIME! I mean, really. I could do that!

I could.

You know I could. And, frighteningly well. I've been auditioning for it my entire life.

Comments (2)

You know, Dude, I think you were meant for that job. So funny. I think they have to be called "background sitters". (They don't sit half as well as you.)

Never, in the history of mankind, has anyone sat as well as I.

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