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The Most Hated Man in Denver

I recently called into a lovely book club in Centennial, CO, The Queen Bees. (How come my book club doesn't have a cool name like that? Well, I said we were lazy.)

Several of the gals purchased their books at the Park Meadows Mall Borders, in Lone Tree, CO. It's one of only a few Borders "Concept" stores across the country, and is absolutely gorgeous, along with having a wonderful staff.

Julie told me when she got the book and informed the manager, Michael, that I was going to call in to her book club, he said to tell me, "Hello." I'm glad he took that tack, as he could just have easily have exclaimed, "She better not darken our door, again!" You see, when QUEEN OF THE ROAD first came out, I drove around the Front Range signing stock. While Michael helped me at this particular store, I took the opportunity (surely you know by now I'm not shy), to tell him about the book. A couple of customers overheard and (remember: not shy) I started handselling to them! Truth be told, Michael was rather amused by the spectacle. He was such a good sport, I asked if there was a staff member who might like her own autographed copy. Although I didn't get to meet her in person, I've since heard from Beth Ann, the Sales Account Rep, that she enjoyed the book and has been handselling it herself. Didn't I say this was a wonderful store?

So, here, without further ado, are the fabulous Queen Bees:


Starting top left: Julie, Lori, Dawn, Lynne, Kathleen.
Starting bottom left: Michelle, Celia, Krista.

The gals concocted their own martini recipe which they were toiling over (arduously toiling, I tell you!) to perfect during our discussion.

They were kind enough (and somehow managed to remember), to forward the recipe so that all in the Kingdom may enjoy:


2 parts vodka
2 parts OJ
1 part Passionfruit liqueur
Squirt of Agave honey to take the sting out...
"Buzz" around your girlfriends, "hive" a great time!

I haven't tested it yet, but, from what I heard that night over the phone, can attest to the fact that it certainly sounded like a libation fit for a queen - or in this case - queens.

As often happens with many of the book clubs I call into, this one also commented on how "wonderful," "marvelous," etc. etc. etc. (yawn, whatever), Tim is. (He certainly didn't help matters by giving me a message to convey to the group: "Tell 'em I hung drywall for you by day and am cooking for you by night." 'Tis true, I must admit.) However, this club went one step further: They informed me that they had read their husbands sections in QUEEN OF THE ROAD about Tim.

I am now proud to be married to the Most Hated Man in Denver.

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You know, I met Tim, and he is very nice. I told Adam how nice he is, too. Tell Tim he's also the most hated man in Reading, PA.

Wonder if he can rack up award/mileage points the more cities he collects?

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