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Elle Magazine Review Fit For A Queen

First, excerpts from the review (then the backstory) in the August issue (which just came out while I was in New York):

"Beneath its fun and frothy exterior, you'll find in this wild ride across America's highways and byways a lovely portrait of a marriage that treats its ups and downs with humor and grace."


"Orion regales us with Americana of all sorts as she chronicles her journey with laugh-out-loud-funny tales of the many bus mishaps and unusual situations she and her husband encounter in their year on the road. Best of all, though, is watching her transformation from a materialistic couch potato into someone who learns to appreciate experiencing life to its fullest."

Back in April, when my publisher told me that QUEEN OF THE ROAD had been selected by the book editor of Elle Magazine as as a Readers’ Jury pick for the month of August, I thought it was a big deal. I mean, why wouldn't one?

Indeed. Unless, of course, the "one" were my husband. When I informed the Royal Consort about this honor being bestowed upon his Sovereign and Wife, he screwed up his face and asked, "L Magazine? What is that, a lesbian thing?"

The dear man had never heard of Elle. Well. We, of course, promptly set him, er... straight on that score. And, We could not resist adding, "My publicist is still pitching the lesbian magazines. But, they're slow and like to take their time."

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I am so proud. Tell Tim he's in deep shit for not knowing what Elle Magazine is. Sheesh. It's a super cool review. May you sell many a book from it.

And you're coming to Seattle to admire my shoes when?

Doreen, Anti, I'm going to Boston today to see my family and check out all my old haunts. My old shoe haunts, if you get my drift. Mwahahahaha!

Robin -

I could tell you were an evil woman the moment I laid eyes on you in Phili.

Anti -

You, I've never even met and I can tell you're evil.

Takes one to recognize one! I think we all need to meet and go shoe shopping.

I love the idea of giving Tim indigestion.

Stunning review and well deserved, Queenie.

I love that hubby didn't know from Elle Magazine. Does he know from Heeb Magazine?

Hebe Magazine? I MUST check that out. Although, during our bus year, Tim did take a picture of me in front of the sign "Hebe Crater" in Death Valley.

Perhaps I should submit it to "The New Jew Review."

Congrats on a stellar review ~ may the books fly off the shelves faster than ever! I'm in the middle of a three part blog on my recent trip to WI, but I must say you remain the reigning Queen of travel writing. Perhaps it's that subtle touch of evil that gives your words that little extra kick?

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