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I Went To New York and Although You Don’t Even Get A Lousy T-Shirt, At Least the Internet Didn’t Explode!

Last week, Tim and I traveled (unfortunately, not by bus, but via United Airlines - gee, our bus never charged us for baggage) to New York. The most important thing I learned was that you can actually meet people you’ve developed a relationship with online and the internet won’t explode or anything! Who knew? (So, why didn’t you tell me? I would have done this way before now. Thanks a lot, people!)

While in New York, we stayed at Chez Orion in Queens. I’d highly recommend it, except you can’t get room service – unless you travel with your own personal “man” like I always do. (Look, most royals have several mans. I just make do with the one, OK?)

While there, we took an Amtrak train (yes, Tim was in heaven)...


... to Philadelphia to have dinner with Polly Kahl and Robin Altman:


Robin is a gifted comedian (that’s why I hate her – it’s really not because of her shoes, which I still think are inferior to mine, although that’s small consolation) doing stand-up at Helium that night and I just had to see her perform.

(That's Robin about to go on.)

If you ever get a chance to see her do stand-up, I’d highly recommend it.

Us 3 Shrinks

Polly, a therapist, has just completed a memoir and is going to start the whole agent search thing, soon. (If that won’t make you hire your own therapist, I don’t know what will. Too bad Robin doesn’t see adults.) She’s a wonderful writer. (Again, not so much with the shoes which is probably why we got along so well.)

(That's Polly and me, pondering the Meaning Of Life as only therapists can. We decide it's imponderable, and drown our sorrows in our minimums waiting for Robin to go on.)

Thus bolstered by the knowledge that the internet wouldn’t necessarily explode if virtual friends met in the flesh, I took a huge risk on behalf of the entire universe and met seven (count ‘em, seven) women I’d only known online before last week. (And no, taking a chance like that with all your lives wasn’t presumptuous at all – it’s something royals do all the time, we just don’t tell you about it, so deal with it.)

First, I met my agent, the fabulous Mollie Glick, as well as her associates for subrights at the Jean V. Naggar Agency (who also have their own clients), Jessica Regel (Jessica, I’d change that second “e” to an “a” if I were you) and Jennifer Weltz.

(Jessica, Jennifer, me and Mollie.)

Mollie and I then headed to The Eatery in Hell’s Kitchen, to meet with my fabulous Queen Team at Broadway Books, editor (and just promoted to editor-in-chief) Stacy Creamer, Marketing Manager, Julie Sills and publicist, Ellen Folan. We had a wonderful, long lunch and I even got to learn some personal things about them. (And, no. I won’t be dishing, here. What do you want from me? I want to write another book.)

Stacy, me, Julie and Ellen.

Finally, I tempted fate yet again, by meeting fellow blogger, author and all-around gorgeous gal (well, OK. I’m only gorgeous if you squint just right), Ann Leary, whose wonderful, witty novel, Outtakes From A Marriage was published the same day as Queen of the Road. We met at a French pastry shop on the Upper East Side and she made me try a fabulous puff of a chocolate thing – I may never forgive her for that, as I guarantee, I’ll never be able to find one in Boulder. Just as well, because between that and the gelato shop we discovered near Chez Orion, well… let’s just say I won’t be going to another nudist RV park anytime, soon.

(Notice I "forgot" to have a picture taken of Ann and me. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar, but not when you have to stand next to gorgeous her.)

On our last day in the Big Apple, I did my usual rounds of signing stock at various bookstores. This is the only place I've ever been asked for ID before signing books. I'm not kidding. I told the gal, "I'll do you one better" and flipped to my author photo:


In case she didn't quite get the resemblance, I added, "I'm the one on the right."

Finally, we met my cousin, Doug (who, although mentioned in Queen of the Road, still talks to me. Well, he's always been too nice of a guy) in the city to see an Off-Broadway musical, Adding Machine. It won tons of awards and got great reviews. Perhaps our expectations were too high, but I think not: It sucked. (Look, I'm not a critic, just a writer, so that's all I can say.)

The second it was over, Doug leaned over to me and said, "I guess I'll have to be making this up to you for a long time." (We're a Jewish family. He knows how we operate.) Fortunately for Doug, Tim's from Reno: He liked it.

Comments (15)

Oh, man, Doreen - I love the pictures! I'm particularly fond of the one of you and Polly pondering the meaning of life. I think the one with Tim in the corner looks like Homer Simpson. Very Funny.
Welcome back from your queenly tour! Glad you read Shrink Rap without drumming me out of the field of psychiatry!

Now I know why you won't come to Seattle. It's because of my shoes, right? Afraid I'll outdo you?

Oohhh, Anti. Thems fightin' words! I'm on my way to Seattle right now! (How I wish.)

Whenever we do finally meet in your fair city, may I suggest that whoever is wearing the superior shoes gets to bitch-slap the loser with a trout?

Trout? Trout? Where do you think you are - Colorado? We don't do trout here. It's either salmon or halibut - choose your weapon!


I just (sadly) finished Queen of the Road. LOVED IT! I did not want this book to end. It was hilarious, touching, interesting - everything I could want in a travel memoir. I am an avid reader who finally fulfilled my dream of working at a bookstore - I'll be sure to recommend your book often.
I think you and Tim need to go on your next trip STAT and write a follow-up. I loved living vicariously through your travels. Even better, your book inspired me to start planning a roadtrip of my own.
Thank you!!

Once you've had salmon in Alaska, you can't go back. So, halibut it is!

You guys are a riot! If I might barge into the conversation - trout is a much funnier word than salmon, but halibut would be OK. Just a personal opinion. Plus, I don't want to be cruel, but my shoes ate both your shoes for lunch today.


Thanks so very much! I really, really appreciate it. I was hoping to plan my own next roadtrip before Tim started plotting about the whole sailboat thing. I've caught him several times now, surfing sailboat sites on the internet. Why, oh why, can't I have a normal husband that surfs porn?

Thanks, again.

Wow, you gals put your hearts and Soles into these comments. Wish I Cod have been in the city with you Doreen, but I prefer the Shrimper life. We had Salmon chanted evening in Philly didn't we? Sorry about the puns but you know what they say...You Walrus hurt the ones you love! Oh lord stop me, I need Kelp!

Polly - I can't believe you can be this clever this early in the morning! I think I hate you, too!

you are having the fun i want!

(i fish i had a pun, but alaskan king crab i don't...)

Is every one of my virtual friends more clever than I? Why don't I just cut my wrist with a virtual electric razor. (And that's not even my joke - it's Tim's! I'm so pathetic.)

You're making me blush. LOVED meeting you. xo Ann

I'm still howling about you being asked for ID before your book signings. I love that you explained you were the one on the right, you know as a "just in case".

You are SO ADORABLE and funny.

Yes, well, Katie: Obviously I'm not SO adorable that I didn't have to explain which one I was. But, thanks, anyway! (At least that poodle had curlier hair than I.)

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