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"Required Reading" by NY POST

In addition to the Grade A in the Rocky Mountain News, my mom (whose only complaint about my book was, "You made fun of our furniture" - so I say I got off easy!) sent me this link. QUEEN OF THE ROAD is "required reading" according to my now favorite NY newspaper, the New York Post: "A Charles Kuralt-Albert Brooks-style romp where they meet up with nudists, robbers and more." Don't worry folks: In spite of the "required reading" thing, there won't be a test. Or maybe an open book one (sorry. really. well, not so much.)

Here's the Rocky link, yet again, as for some reason, Amazon is not posting this review and posting it again, here, will at least put it up there. (You know... if I could post it over there so I didn't have to post it over here, I would. Guess that only works sometimes. Was that too esoteric? Sorry, it's late. I'm beat. But, very happy and grateful for the great press and especially to all of you who have posted Amazon reviews.)

This Queen must now retire to her chambers.

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Just bought a copy of your book -- Kindle (ebook) version. My husband and I, two psychotherapists (clinical social workers), are taking a one-year sabbatical from our private practices -- of over 25 years.

We are leaving Sunday on a much smaller vehicle -- a class B RV, a 210 Popular Roadtrek. That's one of the reasons I am traveling with the Kindle -- not much room for clothes, let alone books!

Since I am also an author (365 Ways to Relax Mind, Body, and Soul and How To Sleep Soundly Tonight), people often ask if I'll be writing a book about our travels. I don't plan on it but I do enjoy reading other peoples travelogues. Your website is great and I look forward to reading the book.

Anyone who hasn't read John Elder Robison's review on amazon.com should go there and read it right away. The best thing is that John's review matches your book perfectly, Doreen. You two are a regular Laurel and Hardy. What a hoot!

Congratulations on the great reviews, Doreen!

Finally got my copy and have started reading. It's delicious!

Who would have guessed we have so much in common, in addition to being shrinks who have written books about our midlife adventures?

So far, I have discovered we share:

Dimensions: 5'2+ and (censored) pounds
Husbands who are endlessly giving and do all the housework
Fear of moving vehicles (I don't even drive a car)
Aversion to the great outdoors

But you are way funnier! (And have a better wardrobe, I'm sure!)

Can't wait to get back to the book!


"Accordion Dreams: A Journey into Cajun and Creole Music" (University Press of Mississippi, January 2009)

My copy is here, my copy is here!

Thanks so much!
Laurel and Hardy - can I be the tall one for once?

Barbara - enjoy, enjoy. It was a life-changing trip for us, as I'm sure it will be for you. The best advice I can give (hey, I can't help it - I'm Jewish AND a shrink) - just let it happen. Have as little agenda as possible.

Blair - well, never having actually met you, I'm willing to concede the better wardrobe part :)

Angela, fellow (or lady) Colorado/hermit writer, you - I hope you enjoy.

Congratulations! That's wonderful! Mazel Tov!

Hi, Doreen. Loved the book and see I'm not alone. When you're famous will you still blog with all us little people?

Who are you, again? :)

Thanks for the great review, Anti! (Check out her blog people. It's all-around fabulous - with a name like Anti-Wife, and a tag-line like "Being a crabby bitch is part of my charm" how could it not be?)


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