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ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS - Fabulous Review!

I've been book touring this past week, and just got home to this fabulous review in the Rocky Mountain News! They gave me a "Grade A." And why not? I did study awful hard. (So glad I don't have to cancel my subscription. Boulder Daily Camera, you've been warned... )

Heading out for a launch party, but please do check back soon for hysterical pictures of me and Elvis - united once more - at the Borders Town Square in Vegas. Have also been to LA. at the wonderful Flintridge Bookstore, where Bus Conversions Magazine provided a bus to tour! In a week, I head to Portland (Powell's), Marin (Book Passage), Oakland (A Great Good Place For Books), then Phoenix (Changing Hands). Will also do reading/signing and royal shtick closer to home at Tattered Cover and Boulder Bookstore.

Ladies, bring your boas!!

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They gave me a "Grade A.

Woohoo- top choice.

This is all great news, Doreen. Enjoy every minute!

Thanks, Polly and Jack. I AM enjoying. It's been wonderful traveling around, meeting people and reliving our trip.

Great review for a really fun book. When are you coming to Seattle?

I wish. I think my publisher hates me, since they're sending me to Phoenix - in June!

When we lived in Tucson for years, the only saving grace in the summer was, "Well... at least it's hotter in Phoenix!"

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