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Love At A Nudist RV Park

Now I have your attention! But, that really is the title of my Huffington Post article which ran today.

And, if you want to see my video of this incident (now, I REALLY have your attention), please go to my website, www.QueenOfTheRoadTheBook.com and click on the (yes, we're nude) picture of me and Tim in front of our bus on the left on the homepage.

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I finally received your book, placed your blog on my RSS Feed, and just last night was in bed reading about your shoe collection. I feel like I'm part of this trip, now. So when I saw your attention grabbing headline, of course I had to visit! I guess this human nature stuff comes natural to you psychiatrists. :)

I like your comedic writing style, which will keep me turning pages, and I think I've also spotted the "method in your madness" or the "brilliance in your memoir." (Warning, I spot brilliance in more memoirs than other people. I might be a bit biased.)

Best wishes,
Jerry Waxler
Memory Writers Network

Your videos are hootilicious, Doreen. Now I just have to ask. Who volunteered their glorious naked butt for that last shot? (I think they deserve a martooni.)

i think i will change that to a moontini...

Hi Doreen, Your videos crack me up. (I almost wrote "Crap me up" which I suppose is an entirely different matter altogether, particularly at a nudist park).

I posted my review of your book and our blog interview of the most famous Queen to have published a memoir. Check it out at: http://writerkatinpsychcity.blogspot.com/

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