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I'm still on tour and will post the rest, soon, but for now, just wanted to share this incredibly fun interview I did on AM Northwest. I LOVE the hosts and just may tune in daily via internet when home in Colorado.

I mean, how can you resist a show that reports on naked bike riders - and in Denver, no less? I almost felt like my "teller" (as Tim might say) about naked karaoke was tame by comparison.

Short post - I'm still on tour. Back in Colorado late tomorrow. I'm exhausted, but happy. Have a bit of a sugar high on room service brownie, gelato and port. Yep, I know how to royally pamper myself after a full tour day.

Bliss now is a 9 am wake up call (rather than the 5:45 one I had today). Been in 3 cities in as many days. A bit discombobulating - no offense meant to Bobs, of course.)

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What a wonderful whirlwind! Woohooo to wou! Er, I mean, you!

don't know if you know, but you are over at book roast: http://bookroast.blogspot.com/


Therese M. Atallah:

Hello doreen,

I was so thrilled to see that you are coming to my most favorite bookstore in all the world, Changing Hands, June 25. It is also my fabulous pleasure to be the caretaker of my son's black, standard poodle Beauford. This store allows dogs if they are behaved, so if by that time you are yearning for a poodle hug, let me know and i will bring the charming canine gentleman to see you. I am so looking forward to meeting you and you can bet i will be adding your charming book to my already tall, leaning stack of must reads.

Enjoy your summer and hope to see you soon,
Therese M. Atallah

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