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Random Updates

Just wanted to let everyone know you can now read an excerpt (ie the first chapter) of QUEEN OF THE ROAD on my website. Oh, quit yawning. What if I told you that every chapter begins with a commemorative (of our many disasters) martini recipe?

Now, wait a minute! Can't you at least finish reading this blog entry, first?

I wanted to show you this picture:


It's me signing my very first foreign rights contract - Germany. Queen of the Autobahn, here I come! Note the pink flannel poodle PJs and of course, the martini at hand to celebrate. It's the Prevost Princess; the recipe that starts the first chapter. And no, you're not yet finished with this blog entry. Isn't it a bit early for martinis in your time zone, anyway? Sheesh.

Today, I also found out that QUEEN OF THE ROAD has already had a second printing! Pretty cool for a book that hasn't even been published yet. Yeah, yeah, I'm tooting my own (bus) horn, but what do you expect after a Prevost Princess?

Fine. Go on, already. (And if you do make the recipe, please let me know how you liked it - if you can remember, that is.)

PS - On Monday, I start my blog tour over at Mental Health Notes in anticipation of QUEEN OF THE ROAD's pub date of June 3rd. By Sunday, I'll also be posting a new video and podcast. Stay tuned... (so, easy on the Prevost Princesses, OK?) and thanks to all for your wonderful support! It continues to be most appreciated.

Comments (12)

OMG!!! Your life is about to take a hard right, Missy! Go you....and that fabulous agent of yours.

(i am such a frickin' kiss-up)

is thing on?! been trying to comment...

Patti -

A) That's Queen Missy, to you.
B) Kissing up is mandatory in this Realm.
C) If I'm going to be appearing in anything other than flannels, I must keep up with the Royal Treadmill, which is where I was while you commented, so I couldn't post them until now.
D) Thanks!!!

Hey Doreen, this is all so exciting! Like Patti said, prepare for lift-off. Love the picture too. I'm a martini virgin. (Hey, I have to be a virgin at something, don't I?) So we must have one (or two or more) when you come to Phila. I'll let you make the recommendation about which kind since you're a veteran at these matters.

Thanks, Polly,

And, how funny! I think we were both looking at each other's blogs at the same time. We're psychic shrinks, no?

Guess we'll have to go out for martinis, but frankly, you gotta try some of mine.

Congratulations! You are a fabulous author. Your shoes however (how do I say this nicely?).... Well, they suck. If you want to see some really great shoes, go visit my blog in an hour or two. Just finished taking some great shoe pics. Prepare to be jealous!

No, no, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd much rather you diss my writing than my shoes.

Eagerly anticipating viewing your pairs. Anti up, Anti.

I didn't even notice your shoes. :-(
But I trust AW's opinion. :-)

Congratulations!! That end of publishing has always fascinated me! Does it mean it will be translated into German? So cool!!!! And that title is too awesome (Queen of the Autobahn)!!

A second printing! Man, I'm jealous. I might have to photograph a few shoes and send them off to you just to make myself feel better. Maybe on our shared pub date we can have a shoe-off. A shoedown. A battle of the shoes.
Congratulations Doreen and good luck! Ann

You go, girl! I loved the excerpt and can't wait to read the rest. Congratulations!
Don't listen to Anti. She's very hard on other people's shoes. I think she told me, and I quote, "Your shoes are smelly and gross, and I hope they kick you in your own head." I ask you, was that nice?
OK. Maybe she didn't say that. Congrats again!

Oh, my! The Hundred Years War has nothing on the Shoe Wars!

Thanks, Robin!

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