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Miss Four Seasons? Play Some Vivaldi.


After all my ranting about Modesto, I was a bit embarrassed when, during the first snow since our arrival back home, I had the fleeting thought, "What was so bad about Modesto, anyway?"

My newest BBFF, Katie Schwartz (she's a riot with a book coming soon. Check out her blog.) were commiserating that our particular tribe does not do well in the snow. Which made me recall...

We moved to Colorado from Tucson in 1993. I had instigated the move because I "missed the four seasons." (Watching needles fall off cacti every fall just wasn't doing it for me.) Our very first week here, we were on I-25 at night in January, during a WICKED snowstorm - cars were spinning out into the shoulder. Tim turned to me and said, "I hope you're enjoying your four seasons."

See? Even my lovely hubby is capable of some snark.

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we have been in shorts and tank tops for at least a month. that's how i like it, thank you.

You're STILL a cruel, cruel woman, Patti Tucker. (See Patti's April Fools post on her blog to get an idea just how cruel.)

I'm telling my mom on you.

OMG! not your mom, i beg of you...

Is that snow from this week? Out here, the snow has finally melted and trees are strating to bud


I love the 4 seasons, and I love Colorado most of all. Beautiful pic.
You can't snark the beauty out of the snow!!

Christine - Maybe not, but I can sure try! (You know I will.)

John - This is pretty typical for this time of year. March and April are our snowiest months, but then it warms up quick and all melts - very different from East Coast where I grew up and where you live.

I still laugh about what your husband said, "I hope you're enjoying your four seasons." So funny...

Living in Shlock Angie, it's constant summer, except during December-February. Right now there's a heatwave from hell. It's over 90 degrees and dry as a bone. You know how prone to jewergies we are?! Oy.

We are bff'ng hard. PS: Thank you for the plug, bubbie.

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