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Rorschach Test

This is the famous rock. It was across the street from our campground in Morro Bay. Tell me what you see:


Here's a close up:


No right or wrong answers (this isn't a test, people!). Just a kinda you show me yours, I'll show you mine kinda thing.

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very brave mouse confronting a partially submerged ,pretending-to-be-harmless tabby........obvious as Rushmore


Ah... zer are indications of a very disturbed mind here.
Anyvon else?

Well, #1 looks like a sleeping dinosaur, maybe a triceritops (I know that is spelled wrong) with it's tri's down. The second one? Definitely "I'll show you mine" something or other!

I love Morro Bay. Did you camp up at Big Sur too?



Didn't go to Big Sur. I think the winding road on 101 in the bus would have done me in. We had to get to LA. I'll post on why, soon.

And, oh yeah - we NEVER camp!!! (I've got the shakes just thinking of it. Oh, the horrors... ) I always say that to me, camping in staying at the Holiday Inn.

From afar, Nessie. Up close... an overly priced hand blown glass dildo.


It's a rhino, sticking his head out of the water!

On the far shot, a dinosaur pointing to the right. On the close shot, the thing on the right is a penis. Circumsized. The large thing on the left is looking at it.

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