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Monthly Contest - Number Two

Salutations Dearest Subjects!

For the second QUEEN OF THE ROAD monthly contest, as always, please check out the contest page of my website. You have to enter on that page, as well.

This month's contest topic: Travel stories from hell! (Get going now, you have until March 31st to enter.)

Last month's contest winners (topic: What would YOU do if you could take a year off?) will be announced on this blog (as well as their winning entries) over the next couple of weeks. Yes, it looks like there will be more than one winner. I'm simply having too much trouble choosing between a few really excellent entries.

This month's prize? A signed galley of QUEEN OF THE ROAD, of course. (That, or a signed actual book, when it comes out, will always be the monthly prize.) This month's extra special additional prize is.... a poopin' moose key chain, all the way from Ketchikan, Alaska! (Again, my favorite bit of kitch from our entire the trip.) PM%20head.JPGPM%20side.JPG

Just squeeze and voila! And, yes. It's the same extra special prize as the first contest, but... well. What else could I possibly give out for contest number two?

Good luck to all. I very much look forward to reading your entries.

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A poopin' moose! I want one! But when I tried to click on the Ketchikan link to see where you got yours, I got an error page. What's up with that?


Sorry about that! Check the link now. And, if you do order from the Tongass Trading Co., please tell them the Queen of the Road sent you.

(They also have a poopin' huskie, but I much prefer the moose.)

The moose is the kitchiest of kitsch tchoch.

Groan! I just was reading your comments on Eons and thought I'd check your new book out since we are in the same genre. We DID take a year and travel around the US - not in a bus, but in a small 10' PleasureWay Class B Van! Now talk about really liking your traveling companion - that was the ultimate - and we are still married, and still like each other.

We saw all 48 of the contiguous states, visited all 45 national parks and had the time of our lives. We decided to write a "how-to" book (self-evident to those of us who have done it...) to help others figure out all the logistics to getting off the couch and onto the road.

Our second edition has just come out - but, unfortunately no one has notified us that it will be a Border's selection - congrats.

If you are ever in Portland - let's meet for coffee, or wine, or ???

Carol White

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