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E-Tow Me

I noted in a previous post, "Psychiatry In Action," how "kitten on leash" is a time-tested chick attractant. Well, here's a time-tested guy one: "Tow truck." (Although, to be fair, they were a captive audience, since the entire operation blocked the only entrance/exit to the trailer park.)


Note Tim's role. He was oh so proud that Chad (of E-Towing) asked him to "mind my tow cable."

Ohhhhh. So that's what they're calling it these days.

Comments (3)

LOLOLOL! Are you home yet? How about now? Now? :D

What a yarn. oy, bubbie. There is indeed a first for everything. That's a big ass truck, yo.


Katie -

To paraphrase you, "big ass truck" sounds kinda fat. (You're not calling me fat, are you?)

Angela -

No, not home yet. Two more weeks. More disasters to come, if the last few years is any indication. At least they'll spark new martini recipes!

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