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Young Indian Cultural Group Mothers Book Club

As Kristin said, "Yet another little town you haven't heard of."

Let me explain.

Late in 2009, I called into Kristin's other book club in Williston Park, NY. Turns out, although I'd never heard of it, it's only 10 min from Great Neck, where I spent nearly my entire youth.

The Young Indian Cultural Group Mothers Book Club meets not too far away, in Albertson, New York, which I hadn't heard of, either. (What was I doing in my youth? Don't ask.)

Although I am your Queen of the Road, I also consider myself a Queen of Multitasking, so I especially loved hearing that this book club, which is in its 4th year, started at a cultural society center where the kids took lessons. Rather than just sit around and wait, the moms decided to have a book club while their kids were in class.


Kristin, you may invite me to call in to any book club of yours, any time, as you clearly have fabulous taste (no, not just in the books you pick - that goes without saying - but in the ladies of your book clubs!) If asked again, I shall look forward to not only another wonderful discussion, but also learning about yet another town I should have heard of.

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