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Williston Park Library

When Kristin invited me to call in to her book club, I immediately recognized the area code of my youth. I just had never heard of the town, Williston Park. Imagine my surprise when her book club informed me it was only 10 minutes southeast of Great Neck, where they knew I grew up. (They did make me feel better by explaining it's a "tiny" town and most people have never heard of it. I bet that's pretty nice. And, after looking at the town's website, I'd also bet that keeping the place a well-kept secret is something they strive to do.)


back: Kris Pepper, Lucy Benjamin, Marge Mahoney, Margaret Knapp, Nina Gonzalez, Ann Weinblad, Cynthia Allan

front: Carolyn Eikhard, Jane Davey, Peggy Abad, Stephanie Blake

As usual, library book clubs make for very lively discussions, which, if you think about it, is rather counterintuitive. I mean, it's not like they're serving drinks. (Or, if they are, I really must get on the board of the Boulder Public Library and change a bylaw or two.)

Ladies, thanks again for a lovely discussion. Even though we spoke weeks ago, I still find myself nostalgic for the accents of my youth.

Queen On!

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"Even though we spoke weeks ago"

Aaah, this post explains the next post! I get it now. Going through posts backwards in time poses interesting mental challenges!

I still think you're right about the weirdness of the outdoor cafe in Pittsburg, b/c even weeks ago would still have been cold!

I usually post the book club blog entries shortly after I get the picture, and I think the library just took a little while to get it to me.

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