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Hotel Death Ray

Could you guess? Yep, we were recently in Las Vegas.

We'd been wanting to go for a quick getaway, then saw that one of our fave bands - The Scissor Sisters was playing at The Palm, so off we went.

If you've never heard of them, I'm not surprised. They're an American band, but huge in Europe. I really have no idea why they haven't seemed to have caught on here. (If you want a notch up with the youngin's, tell 'em you like Scissor Sisters. The "kids" who work at our stores were very impressed.)

We first heard one of their albums when we were on Captain Dave's boat in Lake Minnetonka on our Queenly trip. He was blarring it over the stereo while we cruised.

The Vegas concert was utterly fabulous. The Palm, however, was another story.

We had taken a very early flight from Denver, so I wanted to nap in the afternoon, as I knew we'd be up late for the concert. (Oy. I guess it's come to that.) I specifically asked for a quiet room. They put us on the 14th floor. I figured that would be fine and it was, until we entered the room and the walls and furniture started pounding - along with my head.

I guess it's considered "fun" to hang out by the pool with a DJ, soaking in those melanoma rays and becoming deaf. Really. If we could hear it on the 14th floor, I don't even want to know what it was like poolside. (Oy. It really has come to that. What do I want from me?)

And so, we left for the Vdara the next day. We found out later it has a death ray.

Fortunately, we never went to the pool so didn't... you know, disintegrate. Other than that, we loved the Vdara (it's a nonsmoking, non casino hotel. What could be bad?) and will definitely be back. I'm sure we can get an even cheaper deal now that this death ray thing is all over the news.

When we got back to our car at the Denver airport, I noticed a thin film of schmutz all over the inside, on the windshield and all the windows. I asked Tim, "What in the world is that? We left all the windows closed."

I should really know by now that Project Nerd is not going to take these types of questions as the retorical ones they are intended. His response?

"Off gases from the upholstry."

Is this really common knowledge? What have I been missing?

Not much, apparently.

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