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LOOOOONG Running Book Club

A twenty year book club??? That's pre-Oprah, I believe.


From left to right: Liz (on chair), Charmange (standing), Sharon, Karen, CJ, Sue, Louann (kneeling), and Suzanne (sitting). All drinking Lemon Drop Martinis.

This club in Portland, OR started 20 years ago with a member who is no longer with them. Apparently, she was a "major reader" and "club starter" (loved that). Two of the original members still remain.

After our lovely chat, I tried to find some pictures of Portland from our QUEEN OF THE ROAD trip to add to this blog entry, and I realized I didn't have any. We'd been to that beautiful city before, and on our trip, really tried to concentrate more on places we hadn't been. So instead, I shall leave you with some of my favorite pictures from the Oregon coast:


OK, while this isn't a great picture, it is the Astoria Column, and there's no elevator. Yeah, I climbed all the way up.

Here's why:

Nice view, huh?

Here's Cannon Beach:



Thanks so much for the lovely discussion, ladies, and thanks for the memories!

Comments (2)

You and PN are looking mighty fine these days!

Alas, that was those days!

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