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Chase N The Dream


Tim and I have found another band to stalk.

During the Las Vegas part of our Queenly trip, it was the Motown cover band, Sho-Tyme. We saw them three times during the week we were there. (I recently tried to look them up, as we'll be in Las Vegas in the Fall, but no luck. Look what happens without Royal support!)

Now, it's Chase N The Dream, another funk-filled band (so, I love Motown - what do you want from me?), conveniently playing at several venues near us.

We first saw them at the beginning of the summer at a free concert at the Boulder Bandshell during the Boulder Creek Festival. I thought they were great, but then they did an Earth, Wind and Fire medley and I was hooked!

Last night, they were at The Village (The Prisoner, anyone? The original, not the recent, esoteric-to-the-point-of-who-cares AMC version, please!) at Flatirons Mall for another free concert (so, I love free concerts, what do you want from me?). Tons o' fun. People brought their dogs who also seemed to be groovin'.

I wish I had taken a picture of Willie, the Lassa-Poodle (never heard of this before), for you. He looked like a furry Yoda, perched in his owner's arms, surveying the scene.

(Although Tim took this picture of a llama he encountered on a recent hike:)


Since we were in the neighborhood anyway, we stopped into the Nordstrom Rack. What's up with women's clothes these days? It's all so... blech. I mean super-blech to the feh-squared!

Stacy and Clinton need to do an intervention.

Some of the stuff was just hideous, the rest, completely uninteresting. But... there was this pair of to-die-for designer shoes at half price.


Six inch stilleto heels. What do they want from me? These Stuart Weiztman's are called "Acrobatic." Right. You need to be an acrobat to wear them and not kill yourself. And believe me, those weren't nearly the worst. Maybe when my arches were embryos ...

So, while I was in the Rack I had a good kvetch over the state of women's fashion these days. Everyone needs one - a kvetch that is - once in awhile. Anyone else notice this about women's clothing lately (at least for those of us who by off-the-rack/Rack)? What gives?

Fortunately, we then chilled with Chase N The Dream. I just hope the band doesn't start getting the same terrified look in their eyes I remember Sho-Tyme developing whenever they saw us.

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Nancy Stevens:

Try Coldwater Creek or is that just too West Coast Artsy? All my dress clothes are from them.(My work clothes consist of various brightly colored scrubs, some with cartoon characters!) That's another universe! My heels are Z-coils. Too many yrs as a nurse.
Glad you posted the gorgeous photos of my current location. See why we visited and were unable to leave?

Thanks for the suggestion, Nancy. I used to go to Coldwater Creek every year when we visited friends in Pinedale, WY at their cabin. Once during the week, we'd go to Jackson for dinner, and walk around the square. My friend always bought something at Coldwater, but I never did. I like the "West Coast artsy," but I'm short, and (at least at that time) their clothes all seemed too billowy/balloony for me. I felt like I just got lost in them, and needed something a bit more tailored.

There's a Coldwater Creek at the Flatiron's Mall (and I believe even in Boulder). Maybe I need to check them out, again.

As for shoes - oh, the humiliation! I just bought a pair of Eccos on ebay. I'm afraid re shoes these days, I'm all about comfort!


I know what you mean, but check out Fresh Produce. I looked and there's one in Boulder.

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