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KI/SZ Book Club of Sister (and PJ) Princesses!

Well, this was a first. These two book clubs in Lansing, MI had already met to discuss QUEEN OF THE ROAD, but I couldn't call in that night. So, several of the ladies met again the very next night when I could.

Talk about gluttons for punishment.


front row l to r: Liz Hutchinson, Kay Shapiro, Judy Blinn-Rudman
second row, l to r: Marilyn Ruben, Clare Berkman


l to r: Marilyn Ruben, Judy Blinn-Rudman, Liz Hutchinson, Clare Berkman
In front: Kay Shapiro

KI stands for Kehillet Israel Congregation and SZ for Temple Shaarey Zedek

Turned out to be quite an unusually adventurous group: Several RVers (my people aren't really known for hitting the road - hitting the desert, yes. Road? In an RV? Not so much), and even a woman, Judith, who sailed on Lake Michigan for years. Apparently, her husband had quite a bit in common with me: he wasn't, shall we say, the best passenger.

I especially loved one of their takeaways from the book: Differences are something to appreciate rather than overcome to stay together.

I couldn't (and didn't) say it better myself.

Thanks for doubling down on your Queen, ladies!

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