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Bridgeville, Delaware Book Club

In honor of the ladies in this book club - who are all retired - I decided to (temporarily) retire from coming up with "clever" (yes, I know - depends on your definition) titles for these book club posts.

Thank you, ladies!!!


TOP ROW Left to right: Ruth, Peggy, Geraldine, Martie, NEXT ROW DOWN left to right: Marge, Nancy, NEXT ROW DOWN left to right: Betty, Ginny, Alice Jeanne, FRONT ROW left to right: Rita and Sue.

This club very appropriately meets in a clubhouse. Unfortunately, they do it on Thursdays in the early afternoons, so alas, no drinks (that I can see, anyway, and believe me, I have eagle-eyes for this sort of thing). Bridgeville is in the southernmost county in Delaware and these ladies live in a 5 year-old community there.

Hmm... if I lived in a community where I knew alot of people in the neighborhood, would that disuade me from going out to get the mail in this getup?


Nah. I don't think so, either, despite what Tim said when I went out to the mailbox like this, "Say hi to the neighbors. We'll tell them we're adjusting your meds."

Thanks again, for a lovely discussion, ladies!

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I stopped by your blog today - looks like a fun group.
Cozy In Texas
Less of Me

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