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What Would You Say?

I finally went clothes shopping (those of you in book clubs I've called into know I haven't for some time) at my (formerly favorite) used clothing store. A salesgirl asked, "Are you finding everything OK?" I told her that no, actually, when I first started shopping there 20 years ago, I could find appropriate clothes, but I hadn't been there in a while since everything seemed a bit young for me and that still seemed to be the case. Her response?

"Really? I find stuff here for my mom all the time."


I suppose it was bound to happen, but I must admit, with only 2+ weeks left until I turn 50, I had not given this much thought. As a result, I uncharacteristically had no retort. Since I suppose I have to start getting used to this... any suggestions? I don't want anything too snarky (for once), because she really can't help being a silly twit, now can she?

Of course, if anyone offers a snarky suggestion, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it. (But truly, nonsnark appreciated as well.)

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How about, "So does your mom dress like a tramp all the time, or just for work?" Or you could try, "I guess your mom's missing the embarassment gene, huh." I'm also thinking about, "How long has your mom been out of the institution?" Am I pushing it too far? Did the snark-meter go off? "Perhaps your mom has even less class than you do." Yikes-- now I'm scaring even myself... Wait-- one more. "Yes, I met your mom-- isn't she the title character at Chuckie Cheese?"

Just think about it, that's all I ask...

kristy Peacock:

Thinking maybe her mom had her at a veddy young age!

If there was a prize, you'd win it, Kristy!

Leah: you owe me a keyboard (ie snorted up my tea). I think I'd want to say the tramp comment, but (especially if Tim is with me) would go for Kristy's sentiment. Maybe, "How did your mother feel about having a teen pregnancy, right?"

Oh Doreen it just ain't worth it! Coming from someone who passed the 5-0 milestone so long ago I can hardly remember it, believe me you're just never going to retrain all those twits. Just shop at Ross for Less or one of those other stores where you couldn't find a clerk to wait on you if you tried! Clothes are just NOT worth stressing out over. (Unless maybe you have a glass of wine waiting when you get home from your excursion ;>)

What about, "Kiss my butt, you little twirp?" Too hostile?

(I feel warm and fuzzy about Leah's "Does your mom always dress like a tramp?" line. It could almost actually be spoken with a very innocent poker face.)

Knew I could depend on you, Robin. Yeah, I loved that tramp comment, too.

Sallie - This is SO not about clothes. This is about snark and always having a great retort at hand - almost as important as always having a fab martini/glass of wine at hand (or hands).


"oh, was that your mom on the corner?" did I say that out loud? ok a bit snarky, but I'm 35 and was called Ma'am twice too many times today!

Oooh! Love it! I shall be using that one, too!

Yeah, I get it. But I'm just kind of surprised that you let an offhand comment bug you so much. Unless she's over 30, which I doubt, she IS theoretically young enough to be your daughter.
OK -- I'm old enough to be your mother and I hate it too when someone subtly or not so subtly refers to me as "old" so I understand how you felt.

But jeez why get stressed by someone who is probably lucky to be making minimum wage and obviously doesn't yet know the meaning of tact.

FWIW, I'm probably too old to understand snarky humor too

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