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The Novel Ones

Darn you, Comcast!


Anita Leitner; Pam McCuskey; Kathleen Rainwater-Stanton (note the tiara); Mar Scully; Pam Higgins and Caroline Frainier.

I was very much looking forward to calling into The Novel Ones book club in Colorado, but as Pam emailed me afterwards, her Comcast phone and internet went down that day. So, all I got was that annoying message about her phone being disconnected.

At the time, I kept wondering why, if they didn't like the book, they hadn't simply just emailed me to cancel.


Pam said they had a lovely discussion and "We all decided your husband is a saint, and we want to know how we get one of those!"

I'm not telling.

One thing Pam emailed that did NOT sit well with me was that she blew martini out of her nose at some of the funny bits in QUEEN OF THE ROAD. Pam, your Sovereign's first (and only) commandment is: Thou shalt not waste martinis!

Kathleen also emailed me afterwards. Seems there are a couple of RVers in the group. This is Pam's rig:


She says she insisted on painting the truck to match as "A girl has to be coordinated, after all." OK. I guess I forgive you for the martini waste.

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Where do you find these fabulous people?? I should only find such a terrific book club to drink, er, read with!

I'm very lucky in that they find me!

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