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An Illustrated Queen

Today, copies of the Korean addition of QUEEN OF THE ROAD arrived via my agent. Here's the cover:


I am now an illustrated Queen. Let me digress.

When a literary agent sells a book to a publisher, foreign rights are often retained. The agent can then try to sell publishing rights to foreign publishers. Often, getting the finished book in the mail is the first time an author will see the cover, or even know what the book's title will be. (Unless you're some bigwig, I guess. And, truth be told, I'm still not sure what the title is in Korean. Is it QUEEN OF THE ROAD or Princess Lines? Anyone know anyone who can read Korean?)

Anyway, this is the first foreign language book of QUEEN that I've actually gotten into my Royal hands, so I would like to bestow a Queenly nod to the publisher, Sigongsa. I was quite tickled to see that it's illustrated! Is that typical for books in Korea, I wonder? (Again, send your Korean friends over here, please.)

Here I am "working" at home:


Now, I know the camera adds ten pounds, but I didn't think the illustrator does. Morty has morphed into one blob-o-cat.

And, I'm not quite sure what Tim and I have morphed into (who knew there was a large tranny community in Korea?):


Fine. So this one needs no explanation (what do you want from me?):


Neither does this, except I can't imagine Shula would be that calm riding with Miles - especially on the top of the bus:


And finally, the celebration at the end (complete with the 47 states and Jubilee recipe):


All in all, We are quite pleased with Our Kingdom's Asian expansion.

Comments (8)

You look very contented, sitting there with your giant cat in your lap - repeatedly and in the same position.


Do you think Koreans will think that a VW bus is big enough for you, your husband, your pets, your libations, AND your shoes?

Lee -

Not unless they are a very gullible people.

I'm actually always shocked when people find out we're going to live in a "bus" and they assume "VW." Obviously, people who don't know me.

ji hyun:

hi doreen

I`m reading your book in Korean version now, so I couldn`t resist to leave a comment on this post.

let me answer the questions:-)
the title turned into "viva las vegas: an american camping car trip that a shoe-holic fell in love". what do you think?

And, quite a lot of travel-diary-themed books here have illustrations or pictures taken by the authors in it. To differenciate from the serious books, i suppose.

it`s fun to see your photos! i really wanted to know how your family and the bus looks like:-)


Thanks so much for the information! I guess I'm wondering if the title loses something in the translation. :)

That's interesting that a lot of travel-diary-themed books have pictures/illustrations there. They don't usually here - the publishers find them too expensive.

Very much appreciate your leaving the comment and clearing up my questions. If you'd like, email me your address in Korea, I'd love to send you a signed bookplate for your copy (it has a picture of the bus in Alaska - and me, The Queen, of course - on it).

Sungwook Choi:

Hi Doreen

I just bought your book in Korea and am reading it. Of course, I am Korean.

Your Korean book title is "Viva Las Vegas"..Kinda weird..right?

I love your original title " Pricess of the Road"

Anyhow, I really love your book. It gives me some idea how to prepare for American trip for one year.

I will encourge my wife to read this... Actually, she is always dreaming traveling acrss the US continent, like me.



Hi Sungwook -

Thanks so much for coming on over to my website! Yes, another lovely Korean reader broke the news to me about what the title means. Even for their original English versions, U.S. authors don't have a lot of say about titles. Glad you bought and are enjoying the book despite the weird (I agree) title.

If you would like a signed bookplate for your copy, email your address to me at doreen@doreenorion.com and I'll send it out! (Be sure to include your wife's name if you would also like me to make it out to her.)

Thanks so much again, for stopping by!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! This is freakin' hilarious! OMG! Somehow I pictured you and your husband....and even the pets...differently!

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