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Main Line Newcomers Evening Book Group

Regular readers of this blog surely know Annette Baesel from her comments and Traveling Baesels Blog. (She also has a Flicker photo blog. Obviously, the woman has much more energy than I.) We first "met" quite by accident: She was standing in line at a Borders and happened to see QUEEN OF THE ROAD on their book club display. Since she is quite the traveler (again, much more energy), she picked it up, immediately started laughing (with me, not at me, right?) and bought it.

Annette and her hubby, Jerry, travel all over the place - and I mean all over the place. I simply can't keep up. (Although somehow, she manages to keep up with me - like the time she was in Cambodia and heard about an earthquake in Eureka, CA, knew our bus was parked nearly and emailed to ask if we'd felt it in the middle of the night. I had, but didn't know it was an earthquake until she told me. Yeah, I know: I need to get out more. What do you want from me?)


I knew Annette has a lovely family (she has emailed me for signed bookplates - something I'm always happy to do, by the way - then given my book as gifts to several of them who have subsequently friended me on Facebook), and now I know she has a lovely book club. They even made up their own martini for the occasion, the "Lets-clear-out-Annette's-liquor-cupboard-before-she-moves"-tini. (She is moving from PA to FL shortly - at least I hope her move is imminent, either that or that they really didn't clear out her liquor cupboard.)


From left to right: Sue, June, Karen, Cheryl, Annette (in back), Eileen, Hallie, Gerry and Jean Marie

And, of course, the shoes:


When Annette emailed me afterwards, she said our discussion sparked a lot more discussion after the call ended (I love hearing that), specifically: Who could spend that much time with her husband? (In the interest of marital harmony, in case any said husbands read this blog, I shall not divulge the names of who could not) and... who should play me and Tim if a movie is ever made. Of course, being women of impecable taste, they completely agreed with me that Angelina Jolie is the only possible choice. (And no, I'm not insulted when people laugh when I say this. I know what they're thinking: Well, Angie'll have to lose some weight first.) As for Tim, several of the women apparently thought Hugh Jackman should do the honors.

You're right, Annette: I'm not telling him that. That's what he gets for not reading the blog.

Ladies, thank you for a lovely evening!

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Hallie S:

Hey Doreen! Just wanted to say hi and let you know how wonderful it was to talk with you during our book club meeting (Main Line NC)... that was so much fun!! I loved your book and, coincidentally, my husband and I have been fantasizing about a similar cross-country journey for some time now, so I am sharing it with him too! One more thing - I have written a novel called Jibe which the MLNC has reviewed for me. As a veteran author, do you have any advice for a new writer like me, in terms of searching for an agent? I have been putting it off because it is such an intimidating process!!
Thanks so much, again, for sharing your time and adventures with us! You have lots of fans in Philly! Hallie Saxena :-)

Thanks, Hallie!

Since I get that question a lot, I'm actually going to be posting some advice on my website "For Writers and Authors" as a link on the homepage under the signpost. Check back in a week or two and it should be there.

Loved your book club! A fun discussion.

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