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Early Birds

Lori knew she was asking me to meet at an "unqueenly time" as she put it. Indeed. But, her book group of "mainly moms of 12 year old boys" (!) meets in the mornings, right after the moms drop them off at school. Personally, I would head right back to bed, but not the supermoms in this group. (Although at that hour of the morning, I must out them and disclose that they did forgo martinis. Really ladies - one must keep up one's standards!) Fortunately, since the Royal Castle is in a slightly later time zone, the meeting was not too early for me to call in to.

This was only the club's second meeting, so once again, the pressure was on. It seems that we all discovered at the same time that there were many East Coast transplants in the group.


Front row: (L-R) Amy Cima, Lisa Vondle
Middle row: Sandra Novack, Lori Parks, Tracey Brandon (host)
Back: Coral Teza (photographer/graphics guru - surely anyone familiar with this blog knew the adorable art on the photo had nothing to do with me), Joan Martinez, Joni Laura, Julie Ames, Leslie Kneeshaw

Some additional tidbits:

Amy's husband says she's a JAP, although she herself doesn't think so. (Amy, I didn't think I was, either.)

Tracey is taking an Alaskan cruise this summer. As I told her, if we had just gone to the interior, we would have missed the best part. Bon Voyage!

Coral drives her kids cross country every summer in a minivan without her husband. They get to the pick the destination by looking on a map. (Personally, I would white out a few states before giving them the map to choose from.) They've been to every state except Alaska and Hawaii.

Leslie is from Canada and took exception with my "aboot" jokes in the book - although a few of the gals interjected, "Oh, she does say that." No comment from moi - We Royals take our diplomatic duties very seriously.

Lisa has a 34 ft, purple RV which she and her husband take to the National Parks. (I wanted to paint our bus pink, but Tim wouldn't let me. See? He's not as great as you all think.)

When Joni met her husband, he was living in an airstream. Her condition for marrying him: He sell it. Needless to say, he was happy she was reading QUEEN OF THE ROAD.

Sandra was only one of two native Californians in the group, and has only traveled to Mexico and Hawaii. I hope reading QUEEN has whet your appetite to see more of North America, Sandra.

Joan is the other native Californian. Her friends call her "Five Star." I'm stealing that. Look, between my last name and my... habits, I'm sure it fits me even better.

Julie is married to a retired Navy Admiral - but she's the one who loves to travel. I have a few friends who are married to retired airline pilots - same thing. I can see if you've been traveling all your life, you'd want to stay put. So, what was my excuse?

And, last but not least, the gal who got me to get up early to call in (obviously a woman of many talents): Lori, who publishes history books. When she sent the above picture, she very sweetly wrote: "You’re an inspiration to me for stepping out of your comfort zone and opening your mind to new possibilities."

Oh, my. Being an inspiration is such hard work. Off to bed for me!

Comments (3)

I've only done an RV trip for one week-end but I feel I've been there with you and I've loved every minute of it. I especially empathize with the shoes, being a "stilletto chick" myself. (And being Canadian I also say "a boot".) The big thing I am missing in experiencing your virtual tour is that I only drink mocktails now- but I still laugh loud and long at all your descriptions! There is no better joke than making fun of our husbands. Stillettos Forever, Betty-Ann

Thanks, Betty! However, I'm giving a Royal Shudder to Mocktails. To Our way of thinking, that's kinda like white chocolate.

I like you so much I added you to my blog roll. Have a look at my latest post on the information highway- a different kind of road trip.Can be found at www.stillettochick.com BTW I love white chocolate! Consider yourself hugged, BA

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