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A "Pleasant" Interlude

We're headed to Southern California, so needed to find a place to land for a night along the way. How to decide... how to decide. Well, turns out there's not much at about the half-way point (south of the Bay Area) - especially when one of the criteria is that there's an In 'N' Out nearby. (You all know how I feel about my Double Ds.)

Although this was our (OK, my) idea all along, it was only reinforced by one of the "new" (ie to us) restaurants we tried in Crescent City (and I'm not naming the place, which should tell you something) just before we left. Tim asked the waiter how the hamburgers were. He replied, "Well, they're not In 'N' Out." Unfortunately, great customer service is no substitute for good food. 'Nough said.

So, we're staying in an RV park at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds for the night. Didn't see much of the town. The In 'N' Out, however, was superb.

And, guess what awaited me in my inbox? This fabulous (and much needed after a long day of driving - not that I drove, of course), pick-me-up from Angel, who I sent autographed Queenly bookplates to (so she could, as she wrote, "give a special gift this holiday season….the gift of laughter.") - her lovely family with their gifts:


(That's Angel's dad, Pete, then clockwise: her mom, Barbara, her aunt, Rose, her sister, Ann Marie. Sitting down on the chair is her grandmother, Ann, and that's Angel, herself, kneeling in front.)

I was so touched she got them all an autographed copy of QUEEN OF THE ROAD for Christmas, but then I realized: You do actually like your family, right, Angel?

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Eric Riback:

Can you bring me a couple of DDs, Animal Style, when you return to Colorado?

Hit me up if you ever cruise through Las Vegas. We'll go get a Double Double together!

Annette Baesel :

Hey Queenie - where are you going to be in So Cal? I'm here for the next 2 weeks visiting mom, family, funeral, and of course In and OUts. Perhaps we could MEET at an In and Out????

By the way...my friend Peg was THRILLED with her signed copy of the Queen. REALLY...no hyperbole here. And now she can finally find out for herself what I've been babbling on and on about for months!

Happy Travels A

Eric - get your own DDs!

Julie - I'm sooo jealous there's In N Out in Vegas and not CO. What gives?

Annette - I emailed you.

Our taxi drivers identified our local liquor and beer stores with the code name "In 'n Out' when they did pickups for customers - we don't have alcohol in our regular stores.

Back in B.C. (Before Children) my husband and I rented a Nova and drove from my dad's residence in San Fran to Anaheim. After a lovely day at Disneyland, we took the coastal route back. Since we were due to leave soon after, I rushed our trip back, driving all night and missing the lovely scenery. We did manage to see Pismo Beach (à la Bugs Bunny) before dark.

The California coast is still so wild and inspiring. At least, it was in the eighties. I hope to visit it properly one day.

Sandra - we'll caravan! (OK, shrink-type question: How would you feel looking in your rear-view mirror, seeing a 40,000 lb bus barrelling down the twisting highway after you?)

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