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The Governor Endorses The Queen!

Not that We require the endorsement of mere elected officials - sniff - but... holy crap!

A lovely and insightful reader of excellent taste emailed to let Us know that she is a huge fan of Jen Lancaster's books (Bitter is the New Black, Such a Pretty Fat, and Bright Lights, Big Ass Sigh. You have to click that link, if only to see her subtitles. I am clearly an amateur) and thought I might like them, as well. We have obviously been holed up in Our throne room for too long (where most people do read, but as We certainly no longer have to remind you: We are not "most people") as even though she is a New York Times Bestselling author, We had never heard of her (have no fear - heads will roll!) So, We checked out her blog and quickly realized We and she (note the small "s," although Governor of Jennsylvania: Land of the Free, Home of the Bitter is, indeed, a laudable title), were likely twins separated at birth. We promptly emailed the Governor herself (large "G", although alas for Jen, small "h"), and although she is hugely popular (and thus, a shoe-in for re-election on Tuesday), she actually emailed right back!

In a true ugga-bugga coincidence (that's Boulder-speak for "like, um, freaky psychic-karmic-convergance, dude!" But, even more ugga-bugga, mere days after her email, during a reading/signing and royal schtik in Denver, I was placed directly across from a shelf full of her books) she said she was totally mad at me (thank goodness, Governors don't run the guillotines) because instead of finishing her current manuscript (which she was on deadline for), she stayed up late all week reading Queen of the Road. She also said she was about to do a blog post on her favorite recent reads and Queen of the Road was at the top of her list!

Because she is so popular, I promptly got thousands of hits to my own website from hers and am eternally grateful for her support. Here's what she said:

Queen of the Road is basically what would happen if you took me, gave me a modicum of maturity and a better education, and then tricked me into living on a (very nice) bus with my husband and pets for a year. I loved this book and I love this author.

From the sublime to the ridiculous: I'm going to be on KCLU-FM, that's Ventura's (88.3 FM) NPR station and Santa Barbara's (102.3 FM) NPR station, tomorrow, for their very popular (until tomorrow), "Emotional Fitness" show with Dr. Barton (ya think?) Goldsmith. Fortunately, the media is too preoccupied with some silly election (Monarchies rule, people! When will you all wise up?) to bother with the impending ruination of NPR.

Consider thouselves duly warned.

Comments (6)

I was wondering when you'd use this election to further your evil plans for the monarchy. I ask you - when will the madness end?

As a major Queen groupie, I suppose I must check out this Governor person toot sweet. Ta ta, My Liegette!

When will the madness end? Nevah!

(And, do check out the Governor. Sorry, thou shalt not be!)

kristy :

The Governor's shout out of your book was what led ME to the Monarchy!(note double capitalization for emphasis...(only way a mere mortal can get the capital I suppose)
I must note that I did choose Your book first for our bookclub. We are now reading Such a Pretty Fat, since the book club enjoyed the honors club selection of Queen of the Road.


Thou aren'st a mere mortal (capitalized or otherwise), more like a Lady of the Realm for all the spreading of the Queenly word you've been doing!

We forgot We were an "honors" club - but then again, what else could We be?

Jen :

I LOVE Jen Lancaster!
I just started reading your book and LOVE it - it is probably the funniest thing I have ever read.

Thanks, Jen.

(I promise, everyone - I have not paid this woman. Yet.)

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