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All Aboot (Sorry Ladies) My First Canadian Book Group

A little while back, I did a fabulous book group in Toronto by speakerphone. (Here's how to invite me to thusly appear at your own group. Oops! Just invited myself, didn't I? How rude. Oh well. What do you want from me?)


The ladies were very well-read, asked incredibly thoughtful questions to which I tried to provide intelligent answers and even gave me some wonderful ideas for my own book group, including Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See, and The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. (I haven't gotten to either yet, as I'm also behind on my reading. Anyone else want to weigh in?)

Although we had been to Canada during our QUEEN OF THE ROAD trip, we hadn't gotten to Toronto. (I did spend a week there on my first book tour and I must say, Canadian publishers are far more evolved than their U.S. counterparts. In Canada, I stayed in Toronto the entire week, doing one event per day. I got to spend the rest of the time exploring that lovely city, which of course, included eating at fabulous restaurants. A lot of eating. At a lot of fabulous restaurants. U.S. book tours are more notable for doing a different city every day with little sleep, and, if you can imagine, I was even too tired at times to take myself out to eat - at fabulous or any other type of restaurants. Sigh.)

Anyway, when I was in Toronto that time, I wish I had known about the Bata Shoe Museum.

I think it deserves a trip all its own, don't you?

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Debbie Conn:

We're loyal fans of yours in Seattle! Although not as savvy as Canadians, we loved your book and the martini recipes. Our husbands are very suspicious of our "book club" meetings but we really do read. And drink. And read. Then talk about about reading...Then talk about drinking...

Could we have you on speaker phone for our book club? We've been together as a group for 4 years now and it's been great. We all love to travel, are married, have pets aka our better half, love shoes, martinis...and want to have a meaningful life.
Your kindred spirits, the WA WAs Book Club


Of course you can "have" me - even if you hadn't mentioned martinis and shoes. One book group actually recently asked me about a fee. I told them I had never been charged to appear by a book group before, but I'd consider it.

I shall contact you by email forwith and for sure.

Wow! Shoe museum? I think you need a personal assistant at this point. Really. Can Tim give you a pedicure? (Drat! He probably can.)


Congrats on your first Canadian book club visit. Next: Transcontinental speakerphone calls involving lots of tinis. I'm picturing Italitinis, Scotitinis and Greecitinis.

That shoe museum looks incredible. We need one of those here.

Robin -

I've never asked Tim to give me a pedicure, but considering that he thinks I'm nearly at the point of needing toileting, perhaps we're not far from that.

We should all just do a gals road trip to Bata sometime and hook up with those crazy Canadians. What say you, Polly? Is that you commenting annon, again?

When you visit the museum, I'll come with you. It'll be nice to see shoes with names for a change.

Oh shit, yes, that was me! Good thing I came back to check your comments again. How do I keep doing that?

Anyhoo, count me in on that road trip. That sounds hootilicious for sure.

At the grand old age of 53 I still haven't even ever had a regular martini, not to mention all the delicious variations you've dreamt up. The next time we get together I am definitely popping this martiniginity. And I'll leave the driving to you.

Annette Baesel:

A SHOE museum???? I smell a road trip. Next time the Queen blesses Toronto with her royal presence...my friend Peg and I will put on our big girl shoes and meet ya at the museum. Although I may need to bring smelling salts for my friend Peg...this may be hard to believe but she may "out shoe" either of us!

Sandra - In the meantime, why not just name one of your shoes, "Bob"?

I wouldn't leave the driving to me, Polly. Not even Tim's brave enough to do that. However, I'd be honored to pop your martini cherry. I'll even make up a commemorative Polly's Popping Cherry Martini for the occasion.

Yay! I love seeing my home city receiving such awesome props! Toronto really DOES rock! :)


Oh, I forgot to mention that we are sending a couple of your books over seas for Christmas presents at the end of the week. So world domination cannot be that far behind. Do you think Queen Elisabeth or Prince Charles will mind stepping aside for the true Monarch??

Annette -
No so sure I like this "Peg" very much :)

Kristy -

We do not care if they mind. They shall have to make do when the time comes and maintain a stiff upper lip.

If you like, email me the names of the people you're sending books to and your address - I'll send out personalized, signed bookplates to them (and anyone else you like - or don't like, but still want to give my book to as a gift. :)

For anyone else interested, I'm doing this via the homepage on my website - free, signed bookplates so you can give a Royal holiday gift! What could be bad?


Yes, Toronto really does rock, and not only in comparison to my most recent entry on The Shitty.

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