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Another Fabulous Book Group

Way back in June, I was going around the Front Range (for those of you who don't live in Colorado, I'm not saying we have two stoves. Geez.) signing stock of QUEEN OF THE ROAD. As I was talking to the manager of the Borders in Park Meadows Mall, a woman overhead us and said the book sounded interesting. Never shy about making a sale, I quickly closed the deal (to the delight of the manager, I might add), offering that if her book club read QUEEN, Her Royal Personage would attend.

So, Sue's book club happened to be the first I went to in person (other than my own, but as I've already said, they had no choice now, did they?). Upon my arrival, I was delighted to see that Sue had printed out several of the martini recipes (have I mentioned that one begins each chapter to commemorate whatever disaster has befallen us on the road?) and hung them over her kitchen island. She had also procured the necessary fixin's, so I knew this would be a particularly well oiled (and lubed) group. And it was. See for yourself:


From left to right: Front - Bonnie, Cheryl, Sue, Me, Lisa, Mary Ellen
Back - Cathy, Anne, Laurie, Shelly and Sue (the hostess).

While I do especially love doing book groups by phone (the whole staying at home in my PJs thing - did you really think I was exaggerating?), doing them in person has a few added benefits I hadn't considered. Yeah, yeah, it's nice to hang with a group of women and eat fabulous food (like, WOW, Sue!), and drink fabulous drinks (ditto), but... this group actually gave me a gift! I mean, as if it wasn't enough of a gift to read my book and invite me over to discuss it.

So, what was the present? A lovely bottle of wine that I wish I could show you, but is long gone. (Surprised? Guess you haven't read my book.) However, I can show you the ultra-fab accoutrements it came with - QUEEN OF THE ROAD luggage tags:


How cool is that?

OK. I'll tell you. Too cool to waste on the few times I use luggage. They now hang on my purses. (Yes, that's a Chanel and a Kate Spade. I got them on Ebay eons ago. What do you want from me?) Sue was kind enough to get me two, so when I change purses, while I may have to dig everything out of one to put in another, I don't have to untie the luggage tag. Only a woman would know to be so thoughtful.

What a wonderful group of women! (And not just 'cause of the presents. Really.) I wish they were a little closer to my home, because I'm sure I'd be foisting myself on them monthly to discuss other books. (Although judging by the standard set by Sue, the first time I hosted I'd probably be kicked out - unless I got Tim to cook.)

Thanks so much again, ladies!

Comments (6)

Damn, are we now going to have to have a purse-off?

Oh, baby! You do NOT want to go there.

Cakes, wine, presents? I have to avoid spit loogies. What's wrong with this picture?
Congratulations! It looks like fun!

Annette Baesel:

you never mentioned purses...now that is MY territory...I DO see a purse off!

I'm thinking some book group needs to have a pajama party when you call in from your couch...only fair don't ya think? have you concocted a PJTini? yet? or would that be jamatini?

Thems fightin' words, Annette.

As for PJ book group: when I do the book groups by phone, they invariably ask me if I'm in my PJs. I usually am, although on Monday, when we had to have an engineer come to the house (long PN story - something about getting rid of a supporting beam), Tim made me get dressed. It wasn't because he thought it salacious for the engineer to see me (I mean, really... pink flanels with poodles on them?), but he would be embarrassed, as according to my husband, "Decent people get dressed every day."

Robin - Spit loogies? Just load the little buggers with Elavil and their mouths will be so dry, they won't be able to form any spit at all. Oh, wait. You probably value your license. Never mind.


I love this. Congratulations. Your success warms my Yiddisha heart.

I gave ya's an award, something to feed the blog :)

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