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The Shoe Off - And Next Contest! (My creativity apparently has its limits.)

So, the fabulous Polly Kahl has goaded the equally fabulous Robin Altman (aka Dr. Shoes) and (fabulousness not to be declared, that would be rude) royal-with-200-shoes me into having a shoe-off on our blogs. Although Polly cannot wear stylish shoes anymore due to her back problems, she nonetheless graciously got us started off on her blog. I think she gets extra points for creativity with the gold swirls, don't you? However, I don't want to be too generous here, and fortunately for them both, they can do psychotherapy (Polly's an M.A. and Robin a kiddie shrink) on one another, as I plan to win this thing! So check Polly's blog and Robin's blog and let us know whatcha think!

Now, for the this month's contest (and since I'm being lazy, you can too!): For a signed copy of QUEEN OF THE ROAD (and the moose poop thingy), simply comment on any of my blog posts during the entire month that relate to the shoe-off. If you mention the shoe-off on your blog, drop me an email (doreen at doreenorion.com) to let me know and I'll also enter you. Have a blog and a comment? You get two chances to win! (For those of you without blogs who think this is unfair - duh... this is a monarchy.) On May 31st, I shall randomly pick one commenter as the winner. (April's winner to be announced shortly. Actually, I have no idea if she's short.)

Let the shoe-off begin! (And, if any of you think, after seeing our offerings, that you can compete, by all means... BRING IT ON!)

And, oh yeah, yeah, YEAH: Check out Chris Eldin's blog May 3-9 for Author's Week,
"a week of contests, prizes, fun! And don't forget, hobnobbing with famous authors!"
(I'll be one of the, ahem, "famous authors" for her Author's Week at the end of June.)

So, since Polly posted 5 shoes, I figured I would, too (but, realize, as my subtitle says, I have 40 more to offer up) starting with:
Since I wrote about this pretty Prada pair on Polly's blog, I thought I should post the actual picture. Note the silver kitten heel. These were purchased on Ebay, some years ago for something like $20.

Shoes deux: this fine suede pair of Via Spigas. I bought these years ago as well, don't remember where and really don't care. Aren't they sweet?

Richard Tyler actually does my favorite pairs (and I have a few). These are navy and purchased on Ebay for a song.

I thought I would include some (near) flats: Donald Pilner. Very comfortable (and affordable, when purchased at one's local used clothing shop).

Last but not least: My ringer. My ace in the hole. Read 'em and weep, Robin. These beauties were purchased in Italy 20 years ago. Mercifully, I don't remember how much they cost. But, I got 3 other pairs bought on the same trip - so ante up!


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Comments (17)

Damn! I am very tempted to go into the basement and search for that old box of shoes with heels that are the last vestiges of my pretty shoes that I didn't sell off on eBay. Wonder if I can get down there with my walker. I love all your shoes but those Via Spigas and the Italian beauties are SWEET! I guess we should take votes but I'm sure you've got me beat. Robin, pony up!

Hey, hey, HEY!!!! Before you sell yours on Ebay, what size are you???

It's fun peeking into closets!! Love those shoes!

Thanks for the shout-out! And I am *THRILLED* you're agreeing to participate at the end of June!!!
Hopefully you'll win a book this week to make up for the one you'll be giving away.

Like I said in my blog, size 11. Big enough for both you and Robin to fit in for a nice long hot bath. Well, okay, my old pretty ones are size 10. Still way to large for you sweet petite little gals.

Okay, your shoes are cool, but I'll put my 60 - that's right SIXTY - pairs up against them anytime.

Polly, size 10 here!

Thanks for visiting my blog. As soon as the new shoes arrive, I'll post a picture on my blog for you to drool over.

Bring 'em on! Remember, I'm rumored to have 195 pair to fall back on. (I just can't count that high.) Still waiting for Robin's entry...

Can't wait to see them Anti, and let me know if you're in the market for some Borns and similar shoes in size 10. I've got about 20 pairs that are going to be eBayed when I can get around better, and they're all in primo condition.

Hey Robin, where are you? I hope you're busy taking lots of pictures of those shoes you keep teasing us with, cause you've got some stiff competition here.

Oops! Sorry! I was in Baltimore for my 83 year old uncle's re-barmitzvah. I have a very weird family.

Great shoes! I've never even worn Richard Tyler. Just what I needed, a new vice. And they're all comfortable looking - and additional asset that my shoes don't always have. (I try to convince people that crawling on your hands and knees is very chic.) Did we say anything about allowing Italian shoes into the contest? Hmmm? Wasn't there a clause that said, "The shoe-off between the aforementioned shoe-a-holics will only include American-bought shoes, and any participant that enters a foreign bought shoe must give the other participant all of these shoes, or risk immediate expulsion"? I could have sworn that was a clause.

I broke all our cameras until I lose weight, so I'll have to get myself a camera tomorrow. So watch out Doreen! I'm comin' to get you. (You too, Anti. Don't take it personally.)

Well if the shoe fits. . .

oh my. you guys would cringe to see my shoes...

If you're ever in Southern California, please stop by and visit with our writing group. We'd love to meet you.
The Writerly Pause


I'm a shoe lover myself. Some years ago I was in a shoe store trying on several pairs and commenting to the clerk how shoes are my weakness. She asked me if I was related to Imelda Marcos. (At the time, I knew nothing about Marcos, so her comment went right over my head!)

Selling used shoes on eBay...? I've never heard of that. (am I living on some foreign planet or something?)

TorontoPearl: No, you're not living on another planet. You're just a good person that realizes that used shoes should not be sold. You undoubtedly acknowledge that poor soles like Miuccia Prada and Robert Clergerie have to make a living, too. It's expensive to reside in Europe. All that foi gras and fettucini in beef broth. It adds up, you know?


When they make me king of the world I am going to pass a law that says women can only have two pairs of shoes.

I fear, then, it shall be off to the guillotine for you!

I love this contest; what a fabulous idea! And I can't wait to read the book. :)

Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) I'm never going to be a shoe person, as my size -- 6EE -- is just too difficult to find. Sigh.

Maybe I should try looking at Anthropologie. :)

Susan Aird:


So after I laughed til I cried on page 7 - yes my idea of camping is either:

1) pitching the tent then looking for a hotel and when that failed sleeping in the car or
2) pitching the tent in Felice Greenbaum's bedroom the sneaking out and sleeping in her bed at 1 am

I could totally relate... guess my bookclub will understand where I am coming from
when they finish the book.

Are you avail to join us at my home on July 16... if not suggest some alternates close and
I will try and change date.. Otherwise I may wait to do it my next turn....


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