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Quick and Simple? Not so much the latter.

The fabulously wise and wonderful editors of Quick and Simple Magazine have decided to do a spread on QUEEN OF THE ROAD for one of their summer issues.

As such, Tim and I were each interviewed by phone, and a local photographer dispatched to take pictures of us in and around the bus. The plan was to drive it to nearby Red Rocks, for a simply gorgeous setting for the outdoors shots. Since this was to be for a summer issue, we were to wear summer clothes. After much rummaging through the Royal Wardrobe, I settled on a light top, light pants and sandals.

Joe Hancock of Hancock Studio and his assistant, John, were quite wonderful - and quick. We'd had magazine photo shoots before for my first book and the promised "three hours" inevitably turn into an all day affair. (Hey, Joe! Wonder why I insisted on meeting at 3 p.m.? I figured dusk would hold you to the three hour thing.) This was actually the very first shoot we've ever done which came in UNDER the promised time. Thus, we got our "quick." Unfortunately, "simple" was not to be had.

It started snowing. Did I mention I wore sandals?

Red Rocks would have been obliterated by white out, so we stayed at the warehouse where Tim stores the bus. Scenic, huh?


Joe and John stayed all nice and snuggly warm in their North Face parkas.


If I look like I'm freezing, I am. Then, there was the constant wind thing...


Poor Joe. I kept demanding, "Don't supermodels on swimsuit shoots in Antarctica get like $10,000 a day?" When he informed me that no one on this particular shoot would be getting anywhere near that amount, I countered with, "Fine. But, I doubt while those supermodels are freezing in their bikinis, the photographers are allowed to wear parkas." Joe kept quiet on that one, although it's not hard to imagine what he was thinking. (Something along the lines of, "Why didn't I listen to my mother and become an electrician? Oh, no. I had to be an artiste.")

Poor Joe.

(And, in case you're wondering - the shoot could not be rescheduled due to the magazine's deadline.)

***Special thanks to John Frank of Vanture Coach Manufacturing (our bus converters) for taking the photos of the photo shoot. (I figure I'll get as many favors out of them as I can before they read about themselves in the book - I kid! I kid!)
Oh, and ladies (as well as 10% of the gentlemen amongst you): DO check out this picture on my book group page, taken just as we took off at the very start of our bus year - The Men of Vanture Coach. They're quite ready for their own close ups, no?

Comments (7)

Congrats on your 'super model-like spread'.
How wonderful for you.
And such great exposure!


A bus converter? That sounds like it is ripe for all sorts of blog fodder.

Still sounds fun!!!
Love da' men next to the bus. They look so manly! :-)

Girl, that is so cool -- and so Colorado - LOL!

can your life get any more fun?! ~waiting for book release to find out~

Have been dying to see the inside of the bus and those pictures at the Vanture site were worth the wait. It is absolutely fabulous, especially when you see the picture of the original bus seats all lined up, before the renovations. If you ever need a blog topic, I (and I bet other readers as well) would love to hear about how many miles you get per gallon, how big the fuel tank is, and other facts about bus life that most of us will never get to experience first hand. You could include what you plan to do with the bus - is it in storage until you find the right buyer, do you rent it out, or do you plan on doing another road trip? This is all fascinating. (Or maybe not? Another option is I'm just one big geek.)

Mazel Tov on the spread, bubbie.

You two are so adorable, I can't stand it. You are QUEEN OF THE ROAD, my dear.

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