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My First Book Group

OK. It's not that I'm like a book group virgin or anything, but I just got my first real book group request! I say "real" because my own book group - the one I've been in for over a decade - is reading my book off galley copies in May. (I'll be posting pictures of the gathering on the book group page of my website.) But, they kinda have to read it, ya know?

Not this group. Nope. This group contacted me! And, I don't know any of them! How cool is that? They are local and we scheduled for early August, so I can even go in person and not just by speakerphone. (You can bet your tiara I'm bringing my camera and will post pictures right here on the blog.)

I can't tell you how exciting it is to have the first, real, tangible evidence that SOMEONE other than those who must - like my agent, editor, mother and friends (who want to stay so) actually wants to read QUEEN OF THE ROAD.

Oh, lord. What if they hate it? Maybe I SHOULD appear by speakerphone?

Wait. They promised alcohol. Never mind.

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You're gonna be great, booze or no booze. This book is hootilicious. And you've been tagged, on my blog. If you're still somewhat of a tagging virgin, and not too sick of being tagged that is.

I'm a total tagging virgin. I don't even know what that is. On my way to your blog to find out! (I hope it doesn't involve spray paint.)

booze is always helpful, but unnecessary for this. go. take pics. drink! and then of course get back to us...

Mazel Tov. This is a mitzvah! I am joining the group, Doreen. How exciting. I will join by speakerphone and drink a few cosmos.

How do I join?

Awwww! This is really nice though!
I belong to an online group which has been great. I love those gals! But I wish I could do an in-person group.

Have fun!!!

Congrats, Doreen! You're going to have a ball. Who has more stories to tell than you?! K.

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