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Psychiatry in Action

As a psychiatrist, I am possessed of keen powers of observation. For example, what do you notice about this guy walking on the beach in Crescent City?


I immediately noticed he’s a genius. What makes me so sure, you might ask. Look at him closely: In one hand, he has a chick-repellant, AKA metal detector. In the other, a super-duper mitigating agent, perhaps the most powerful chick-attractant of them all: kitten on leash.

Genius. Pure genius.

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They should rent kittens out with those things.

You understand what he's doing, right? The cat is trained to sniff precious metals. When the cat points on a metal find, he uses the metal detector to pinpoint the spot and then he digs.

The metal detector alone can't tell the difference between gold and copper. That's what you need a trained cat for.

Also, the cat is useful if the beach is snake infested. You will never step on a rattler or copperhead if you have a cat walking in front of you.

Ah, John. You have just perfectly illustrated why women need men - to explain such things.

That's hilarious, Doreen.

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