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'Til Death Valley Do Us Part

Death Valley after the "hundred year rains."
I begin the hike in Death Valley in my usual attire: Capri Nike pants, my World Figure Skating cap, Polo Ralph shirt, Ecco slides and Chanel sunglasses. As I arrange myself and dubiously peer at what we're about to do, Tim surveys me and shakes his head.

"It's known as Nail Breaker Canyon," he says. "Are you sure you're up to it?"

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oh, god! so lucky to see death valley after the rain.

Jane and Bob:

We were in Death Valley a few years ago, it wasn't like that!


Hey! Tim and Doreen! We met you guys in Vallejo at Tradewinds. Love reading about your adventures. Stay safe!

-Mags and Jerry.


Great seeing you guys!


what else did you do in death valley? did you see scotty's castle?


Blog blog bloggin'!


Hi Cammy!
Yes, we saw Scotty's Castle, did some 4-wheeling, stayed at a park across from a house of ill-repute housed in a pink double wide (you know you're in a s...hole when the town's population is lower than its elevation -- and you're in Death Valley) and did some soaking in a hot spring.


so, r u now liking desert? hicking? sounds like u're enjoying more. about time.


You guys are so lucky to be doing this. Dave and I have fantasized about something like that, for us a boat, for years. But, it takes a lot more guts than we apparently have to do it! so, enjoy, enjoy and we'll have to settel for vicarious thrilss.


That's Tim's newest insane fantasy:
We'll live on a boat and travel for a year. I think I'll call that blog, "Leave the Tacking to Him."


Tim's got your number.


Sounds like that boy needs a good spanking.


Please put more detail of your adventures on the blog! The abbreviated version leaves too much to the imagination!


Finally got a chance to catch up.
You're too much!


Where's the Gucci purse?

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