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January 27, 2009

Pimp My Walker!

I think I have the best readers. Really. I've "met" so many of you online (and some off - I mean "off-line," not that you are off, and who better than me to judge?). Since I am a physician, I suppose I have to provide some actual evidence. Fine. Herewith, a video of one of my fabulous readers, Casey, in Southbridge, MA. Her equally fabulous daughter, Theresa, tells me her mother has 11 children (!) and "around" 40 grand and greatgrands. (I can see why it would be hard to keep count.) Check out this video a couple of the grands made, starring Casey. She's not only an inspiration, but even more importantly in Our Realm, has a wicked sense of humor.

Granny Casey, you are fly! (That's a good thing, right?)

February 25, 2009

Francine and Her "Damn" Bus

I recently got an email from a fan (yeah, yeah. I can't believe I have fans either, but you didn't have to say it, did you?)

Francine Gipson wrote that her daughter in Alaska sent her a copy of QUEEN OF THE ROAD, thinking she would enjoy it, because Francine and her husband became full time RVers a year ago. After reading the book, Francine said she thought we had a lot in common. I believed her when I saw how she signed her email: It wasn't telling me that her rig was a 2007 Monaco Diplomat Special Edition, but rather her adding "like that matters, it's still a damn bus and I have no home to go to!"

"Damn bus." Yes, I can relate. She further convinced me of our sisterhood when she wrote about my recent blog entry:

Don't you just HATE those signs that say, "Runaway Truck Ramp?" They always put the fear of God into me. I squirm and get really uncomfortable. Those signs and the 8% downgrade signs get my blood pumping. Tight turns, ugh. You say, "I'm going to die," or something of the sort ... I always chant (in my mind of course), Carrie Underwood's song, "JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!" If I said it out loud, Les would probably desire dropping me on the side of the road - which, at times, would be a welcome relief. Ahhhh, the joys of bus travel.

Les is employed in the Gulf of Mexico on an oil rig, and works two weeks on, two weeks off. They travel (apparently indulging his penchant for 8% downgrades, which sounds to me like he and Tim share a brotherhood) when he's not working. During the two weeks on, she has her Yorkie, Morgan, to keep her company at the RV park in Foley, AL.

Here are pictures of Francine, Les and Morgan in Foley, AL. Oh, yeah - and the damn bus.



Well sister, if you ever see our damn bus coming down the road, please do say "hello" (or run for your life - whatever seems appropriate at the time).

May 14, 2009

Hate Her Because She's (Now Even More) Beautiful

One of my fabulous readers (and fellow "damn bus" gal), Francine, recently traveled to Savannah. How could she not remember what I wrote about Joseph's Salon?


"...what most epitomized our trip to Savannah, and perhaps the entire genteel South, was my visit to Joseph’s Salon. Look, I can’t help it; I’m shallow that way. (What do you want from me?) Still, bear with me here, for Joseph has coiffed the ladies of Savannah for years in the downstairs of his lovely townhouse and I’ve never had my hair done in such a graceful atmosphere by such a master craftsman. As the scissors flew in his hands, the “darlin’s” and “suga’s” were flyin’ out of his mouth and back at him again by the waiting female throng."


Of course, she had to go. And of course, she had to rub it in by emailing me those pictures of her utterly fabulous experience, as well as this one of her fabulous self with the fabulous Joseph:


As Francine wrote: "Gee, thanks ... got my haircut, fell in love, and all under an hour ... now what?"

Now what? Well, Francine, you pine away for Joseph the rest of your life, lamenting the coiffs that might have been, just like I do.

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